Spring Outfits I wish I was Wearing: Styling Neutral Outfits

How is everyone faring? It’s pretty tough right now isn’t it?

I was thinking about how strange everything is right now, and how weird the world has become.

David and I have been feeling sick, and while we don’t think it’s the corona virus, we’re taking the extra precaution and putting our house under a self quarantine.

Which means that we’ve run out of some groceries, and when I tried to have them delivered only to realize that there is a waist list for deliveries, I had a moment of “but how am I going to provide the basics for my kids then?”

And in the next moment I realized just how fortunate and privileged I really am. It was humbling, and it made me much more aware of how much I take those things for granted.

Because ultimately there are a lot of people who ask these question on a regular basis… virus or not.

I hope we/I can use this time to self reflect on how much we do take for granted, and hopefully move towards more awareness of the pain and struggle that won’t go away for a lot of people once we all emerge from the shelter of our homes.

With all of that said, it may seem frivolous for me to keep sharing posts or to still be talking about something that many of you may deem unnecessary right now.

I get it. I really do.

And a huge part of me feels the same way. But my hope is that by carrying on some sort of normalcy we can all have an opportunity to come together and take a second to focus on something lighthearted.

I understand the temptation to be totally sucked into… everything right now (I really do. There are people in my life that are really vulnerable right now, and I have a 6 month old that I worry about), but if I could encourage you in anything right now it would be to:

take a breath, and just focus on something else for awhile (even if it’s 5 minutes). I’m happy to provide that distraction for you, but whatever works best for you is great.

Also, I recognize that posting about shopping may seem insensitive as a lot of you aren’t in a position to be spending money right now.

If that’s where you’re at then feel free to bookmark this post for later. I’ve made the decision to carry on as normal because

a. a lot of small businesses are struggling right now, and I want to help them out as much as I can. If you were already planning on adding some spring clothes to your wardrobe eventually, and you have the means to support them now it would really help them out.
b. this is my job, and as things are pretty precarious right now and nothing is guaranteed I want to keep contributing to our family income just in case something happens with David’s job.

Phew! Talk about an intro. I know everyone is feeling overwhelmed right now, so let’s all remember that we’re in this together and all responses are valid. Grace and grace abounding!

So without any more rambling, here are some of the spring outfits I wish I were wearing right now:

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

Tradlands Blouse (almost out of stock, but on sale for less than $50. size down for fitted) | Everlane Pants (size down) | Nisolo Mules (tts) | Secondhand Bag (linked similar) | Happiness Boutique Bracelet | The Silver Wren Earrings | Old Hair Clip (linked similar)

I’ve realized something about myself: I lean into my romantic side when it comes to warm weather dressing. I’m actually a hopeless romantic in case you didn’t know. If you’ve seen the movie Austenland (and if you haven’t, you SHOULD), I’m basically Keri Russell’s character in that movie. And you know what? Jane Hayes would totally wear this outfit. Ha! I’m not a huge button down fan, but this one from Tradlands doesn’t feel like a button down to me. The fabric is very light so it doesn’t have that same structured feel to it so it feels a bit more feminine and laid back. I love it paired with the warm brown tones in the pants and the mules.

These mules were my first Nisolo purchase and they are such a lovely pair of shoes. They are made really well, and have been such a comfortable pair of shoes to reach for when I want to wear something a bit nicer than a sneaker. They really do make every outfit look better! I’ve heard varied reviews on sizing, but I find them to be just fine in my true size (9). I had zero break in with them, and haven’t experienced any rubbing at all.

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

Michael Stars Tee (gifted) | Vintage Levis (linked similar currently on sale for $50. vintage denim tips here) | Stutterheim Rain Coat (gifted. review here) | Veja Sneakers (TTS) | Gap Tote | GLDN Necklace | Kiki Koyote Earrings (gifted)

I already did a review of this Stutterheim raincoat so I’ll spare you the details here, but I do really love the way it makes a simple outfit look more interesting. This is honestly one of my most favorite types of outfits to wear: a simple tee with some vintage denim and sneakers.

It’s incredibly practical for my lifestyle, but it makes me feel better than the standard athleisure (nothing wrong with that kind of look, it’s just not what I prefer on myself). I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m surprised more people don’t have this style of Vejas. They are very similar to my old standby Converse, and they are just as comfortable. I’m excited to have them back in rotation now that it’s a bit warmer.

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

Madewell Hat | Boob Design Tee (gifted. review here) | Baggu Backpack | Everlane Denim (currently on sale for $50. review here) | Everlane Sneakers (gifted. review here) | GLDN Necklace| Happiness Boutique Bracelet

This is another example of an outfit that I love for days that are heavy in the mom department (which is basically every day… who am I kidding). I’m sure you are aware by now, but I am an avid lover of neutrals, and this outfit hits all the neutral check boxes for me. I really love the contrast of black with cream, but I think it works best when you bookend the contrasting color: cream on top and bottom with black in the middle or vice versa.

This hat has been a surprising favorite as of late. I’m right in the thick of postpartum hair loss, and it’s mostly affecting my front hairline so on especially bad days it’s nice to be able to throw a hat on. I love the neutral color (surprised? Ha!) of this one especially.

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

Old Doen Blouse (linked similar by same brand) | Last Season Elizabeth Suzann Pants (linked to same style in linen) | Old Doen Mary Jane’s (linked to other colors available still) | Secondhand Bag (Linked Similar) | GLDN Hoops | Happiness Boutique Bracelet

Back to the romantic outfits! This blouse from Doen was one of the very first ethical purchases I’ve made, and it continues to be one of my very favorite pieces in my closet. Unfortunately it’s not still available, but I’ve noticed a trend in my closet where the pieces I think about and plan for are the pieces I end up loving the most long term… which is why I’m beginning to adopt the 30 day shopping rule (I won’t buy anything if I haven’t thought about it for 30 days). It really helps purchases to be much more intentional, and drastically cuts down on impulse purchases.

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

It is Well Sweater (TTS) | Gap Pants | Liberte Braided Mules (size up a full size) | Parker Clay Backpack (gifted. use code KarinLovesParkerClay for 15% off) | GLDN Hoops | GLDN Necklace | Happiness Boutique Bracelet

This sweater has been one of my most worn pieces this fall/winter. It’s honestly my ideal sweater: it’s slouchy, it has texture, it’s super soft, and it’s cotton (I’m very sensitive to wool). It’s really just a lovely sweater. I’m wearing my true size and it still has an oversized fit so I wouldn’t size up. I also love that it’s lightweight enough to easily tuck into pants if I want it to.

I love this new trend of dressing like a stick of butter (think that sounds weird? It’s a thing), but I love to add just a punch of warmth with a bit of cognac or soft caramel like these woven mules.

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

Elizabeth Suzann Tee (gifted. review here) | Brass pants (gifted) | Sneakers (gifted. review here) | Tree Fairfax Belt Bag | Sotela Scrunchie (gifted)

I love how comfy this outfit is, and the fact that wide leg pants are so easy to find now. In my humble opinion they are just SO much nicer/comfier to wear than skinny pants or jeans. This pair is Brass are so silky and comfy. I love that they are not super long like a ton of wide leg pants are (I’m 5’5″ for reference), and that I can wear my sneakers with them.

A lot of time, basic outfits like this can start to look a bit boring, but one of my favorite tricks to keep that from happening is to mix and match textures/fabrics. In this case, the texture in the line shirt paired with the rich leather of the bag, and the slight sheen in the pants make an otherwise boring outfit feel a bit more special.

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

Bloomaire Jumpsuit (gifted) | Madewell Hat | Sotela Scrunchie (gifted) | Gap Belt Bag | Everlane Sneakers (gifted. review here) | GLDN Hoops | Happiness Boutique Bracelet

This nursing friendly jumpsuit was very kindly gifted to me from a new company called Bloomaire recently, and I was so impressed with the design that I couldn’t wait to share it with you! First of all, it’s a really lovely piece overall. It’s made of a really nice, substantial (yet stretchy) fabric, and it drapes in the prettiest way. It has a slight boat neck neckline with a little scoop in the back (but you can still easily wear a bras). I will most likely wear it in the way I styled it here the most, but it could easily dress up.

But let’s talk about the design because it’s genius! If you look closely at that second picture you can see that vertical seam that runs underneath the gather at the bust. Well… that’s a zipper! So when you need to feed your baby, you can just unzip to get access. So cool. Check out Joyce’s shop if you’re in the market for nursing friendly clothing!

Outfit Details (Affiliate Links):

Older Power of My People Shirt (gifted. linked an updated version) | Everlane Super Straight Denim (gifted. review here & currently on sale for $50) | Veja Sneakers | Everlane Trench (gifted. review here) | Secondhand purse (linked similar) | GLDN Hoops | Happiness Boutique Bracelet

If you saw my recent Everlane review, then you’ll know how much I love this trench coat… that hasn’t changed. I just love what it adds to every outfit. I feel like I’m living my best 90’s life with this trench and these glasses actually. I DO feel like the combo is classic though, and can last through many years and trends. I’m not someone who is opposed to trends, but I much prefer a well thought out classic over something that won’t age with me.

Well I really do hope you all are doing well. Be kind to yourselves, and don’t heap expectations on yourself. Whatever you need to be doing right now to stay healthy and sane is exactly what you should be doing.

David and I are trying to keep our kids occupied with lots of outside time, forts, and potty training (yay!).

I am hoping to use some of this down time to get some posts to you that I’ve wanted to do for awhile like a diastasis recti/postpartum health update and a few other things. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to do for you guys in the comments below!

Until next time,


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