Everlane Denim Guide: Every Style from their Website Reviewed *2024 Updated!

*** this Everlane denim guide was updated on 2/16/24 and is now up to date – also just a note that Everlane no longer sends me the jeans to review so if you see tags it’s because I may not be keeping every pair.

Hey guys!

I’m going to keep this intro pretty brief… simply for the fact that this post kind of speaks for itself.

The other day I had the realization that I actually owned pretty much every style of Everlane denim…

you might say I’m a fan 😉

But in all reality, I have been really impressed with the quality and fit of Everlane’s denim collection, not to mention the fact that it’s made responsibly.

But a major drawback is that Everlane only has a few store locations, which means that the vast majority of us have to rely on reviews on the actual website or keep our fingers crossed that our favorite blogger will do a review.

So with that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to you if I were to do a comprehensive Everlane denim guide, and keep it in one spot so you can refer/compare whenever you need to.

Oh and just a note that I have a style from each category, but I don’t have one of each rise/inseam. So if you’re wondering about a different rise/inseam just let me know and I can pick up a pair to review for you.

I hope you find this helpful! I plan to add to it as they release new styles so check back if  you’re ever curious.

Alight let’s get to my Everlane Denim Guide:

My measurements:

26″ waist
32″ hips

New Releases:

Style: Kick Bootcut Jean in Dark Indigo Blue

Cost: $128

My Size: 26

What the Website Says:

The Kick Bootcut Jean is a fresh play on an iconic ‘90s jean silhouette. Featuring a 10.5” mid-rise and 27” ankle-length inseam, it’s fitted through the seat and thigh, with the leg kicking out into a slight flare at the ankle. It’s made with our premium OCS-certified organic cotton and LENZING™ ECOVERO™ high-stretch denim blend to hug in all the right places with comfort and ease.

  • Mid-rise with a kick-flare leg
  • Rise: 10 1/2″ Leg opening: 17 1/2″ (size 28)
  • Inseam: 27″
  • Lots of stretch

What I Say:

  • Fit: Just like the description says, these definitely do hug your curves as you can see in the pictures. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the fit of these just based on my personal preferences, but I do have to say that if you like this style I think the fit is really, really good. They’re super comfortable and the stretch really does flatter. They are pretty cropped and they only come in one inseam so if your are a lot taller than me, you may find these to be a bit too cropped… but again that’s down to personal preference.
  • Material: The material feels just like Everlane’s signature denim. Substantial with a medium weight to it and the stretch does not bag out or fall down on you. These are the stretchiest jeans from Everlane that I’ve tried in a while and the material bends and moves with you so there’s no awkward pinching or tugging. Overall these are a really good pair of jeans and they remind me of more classic Everlane styles… it’ll just come down to your preference on the style.

Style: The Way High Curve Jean in Ocean

Cost: $128

My Size: 26, 27” inseam

What the Website Says:

Update your denim lineup with the Way-High® Curve Jean. Featuring a high-waisted silhouette with a statement curve leg that hits at the ankle, it’s made with organic low-stretch cotton for that shaped effect.

  • High-rise with a curved leg
  • Front rise: 12″ (size 28)
  • Leg opening: 18.25″ (size 28)
  • Touch of stretch
  • Intended to hit at the ankle

What I Say:

  • Fit: I was really interested to try these jeans seeing as the whole horseshoe Jean trend is so big right now, and I’m just not impressed. Again, this is totally personal preference, but I just don’t like the fit on these. You’ll definitely want to size up in these. I got my normal size 26, but they are way too tight on me. I also think a longer inseam would have perhaps improved my feelings on them, but I wanted to show you how they’re intended to be worn. I also find the fit of the croch a bit off… even though there’s 12” inseam it feels like the you have a perpetual wedgie, and I don’t think a bigger size would have helped because the wedgie feeling feels like it’s coming from bad construction and seam placement.
  • Material: these jeans do have a slight amount of stretch to them, but I actually count that as a mark against the jeans. In my opinion, styles like these look and feel so much better in a nice, soft 100% cotton. Because these have that universal to Everlane stretch denim feel they just feel heavy and awkward. Can you tell these were a miss for me? 😜 I think if this style really appeals to you, and you like stretch denim you may like these (sized up), but if you’re on the fence I’d skip ‘em.

:: Limited Edition Mini Reviews ::

just a quick note that lately there seem to be quite a lot of trend driven styles that Everlane is releasing that aren’t marketed as limited edition releases, but I can’t imagine will be on their website long term. In order to find a way to still include those styles in this review without crashing my website with a massively long blog post, I’m going to start doing mini reviews in this section, and saving the long form reviews for styles I believe are more timeless.

Style 1: The Carpenter Jean in Medium Blue, Size 26. price: $128

My thoughts: I actually thought I would hate these the most ha! But these are the one pair I’m keeping. The denim is super soft, they drape as if they are trousers, and they actually make me feel really chic. I’m really not into the whole cargo/carpenter jean trend, but these feel like a happy medium of not being so over the top, but at the same time definitely still falling into that trend. They have a loose fit which is the intention so I would still stick with your true size, but if you really want a more fitted look go down a size.

Style 2: The Gardener Jean in Ecru, Size 26. Price: $138

My thoughts: I actually thought for sure these were going to stay home with me and that they’d be my favorite, and while I do really love the exaggerated wide leg fit, my issue with them is that the contrasting stitching is much more stark in real life than it is in the photos on line. It looks really subtle on their website, and even in my photos it looks more subtle than it really is. In person it’s a dark greenish brown color. Which is fine if you like that, but I just didn’t prefer the way that looked. For some reason it reminded me of the old JNCO jeans and I’m just not ready for a return to that ha! The material on these is really nice though… I’d say it’s a midweight denim so it keeps the shape of the wide leg really well. And these also run true to size so stick with the size you normally go with.

Style 3: The Utility Barrel Jean in Fog, Size 26, regular. Price: $118

My thoughts: as with most of Everlane’s pieces that stray from classic shapes and styles I’m just really not a fan of these. I find their desire to add in seems or cropped hems, or trouser pockets to all just be a bit much. I’m not necessarily a critic of a barrel Jean shape, although admittedly it’s not something I envision purchasing for myself anytime soon, but there’s just a LOT going on with these jeans. Maybe I’d like them better if they just had the seam without the trouser pocket or vice versa, but the combination of all of it is just a bit overwhelming to the senses. In terms of construction there’s nothing to complain about other than the fact the I do think the pockets stick out a tiny bit, but if you don’t agree with me on the design aspects, the fabric, stitching and overall quality is really good.

:: Slim/Straight ::

Style: Way High Slim Jean in Indigo Blue

Cost: $98

My Size: 26, 29” inseam

What the Website Says:

  • Made from low-stretch regenerative cotton, The Way-High Slim Jean features our signature Way-High waist, with an updated slim, straight leg, and a longer, full-length inseam. If you love The Cheeky Jean but need a longer length, this denim’s for you.
  • High rise with a slim leg.
  • Low stretch.
    Zipper fly.
  • Front rIse: 12″
  • Leg opening: 14 1/2″

What I Say:

  • Fit: Finally! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is the first pair of REALLY good, classic pair of jeans Everlane has made since the 90’s cheeky. They are just the perfect pair of truly straight (not tapered) pair of jeans and the comfort level is 100%. I actually find the fit to be much more comfy than the original way high jeans. I think they just seem to be a bit more figure hugging than figure forming if that makes sense. These actually feel like the perfect hybrid between the Madewell Perfect Vintage and the Perfect Vintage Straight Jeans.
  • Material: the material on these feel a lot like the original cheeky jeans, which makes sense because they do have a bit of stretch in them. They still have a heavier weight to the. So they have that classic 90’s denim feel, but the comfort of stretch.
Karin Emily wears a black and white breton striped tee, Everlane cheeky jeans, and Black Everlane day gloves for her Everlane Denim Guide
Karin Emily wears a black and white breton striped tee, Everlane cheeky jeans, and Black Everlane day gloves for her Everlane Denim Guide

Style: The Cheeky Straight Ankle Jean Classic Blue Raw Hem (wash sold out. linked similar)

Cost: $98

My Size: 26 ankle

What the website says:

  • Straight fit. Cropped at the ankle. Sits at high waist. Rise: 11”. Inseam: 26.5”. Leg opening: 14” (size 28).Women at our office like to wear them two ways: one size down for a tighter fit in the seat, or in their true size for a more relaxed fit.
  • 98% cotton, 2% elastane.


Meet Cheeky—engineered for the perfect rear fit. This straight leg jean has a super-high rise and a raised back hook seam that lifts and tightens. Plus, they feature our Happy Pockets, which are set higher and closer together for a bouncy, lifted look.

What I say:

  • Fit: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. I really couldn’t be happier with them. They are definitely my most modern pair of denim, but I love what they add to any outfit. I will say, the website says to size down for a tighter fit, but I got my true size and I feel like they would be really uncomfortable a size down. They probably would be a bit tighter in the rear, but I think the waist would be too tight because it’s such an extreme high rise. So for what it’s worth, I suggest just sticking with your true size. I find these to be super flattering in the rear and hips and it’s definitely because of the small details they mention in the description such as the raised back hook and the placement of the pockets. I really do think these would be flattering on pretty much every body type.
  • Material: These are not 100% cotton, but they definitely feel like they are. I also haven’t noticed any bagging out or stretching out between washes. And again, they wash beautifully. Just a note that the lighter wash is actually a bit more rigid and stiff than the indigo wash. I find them both to still be comfortable, but if anyone is between sizes that may be a bit of an issue as the rigidness does cause the lighter wash to be a bit tighter.
Karin Emily wears a breton black and white stripe tee, Everlane 90's cheeky jeans, and black Everlane day gloves for her Everlane Denim Guide
Karin Emily wears a breton black and white stripe tee, Everlane 90's cheeky jeans, and black Everlane day gloves for her Everlane Denim Guide

Style: The 90’s Cheeky Straight Ankle Jean in washed black.

Cost: $110

My Size: 26 ankle

What the Website Says:

  • Straight fit. Cropped at the ankle. Sits at high waist.
  • Rise: 11”. Inseam: 28.5”. Leg opening: 14” (size 28).
  • 100% cotton.
  • Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
  • Button fly


Our favorite jean meets our favorite decade. Made from premium non-stretch Japanese denim for a vintage-inspired look, the ’90s Cheeky Straight Jean has an easy straight leg, an extra-high rise, and a butt-boosting rear fit.

What I say:

  • Fit: OK. I’m a fan of these. They are the most similar to vintage denim of any of Everlane’s styles. They are a true rigid fit, and they nailed it with the washes (in my opinion). They are 100% cotton, but they feel so soft and they are BY FAR the most comfy pair of jeans I own. I went for the same size I’ve gotten in the other cheeky style 26, and they fit great. They do stretch a tiny bit over time so if they are a bit snug at first, that’s okay. The rise is high with a button fly and they hit at that just right spot on your waist. I now own these in 5 different washes and they are my most worn jeans by a long stretch. If I had to recommend one pair of Everlane denim it would be these. I’m not exaggerating when I say you NEED these in your life ha!
  • Material: These are 100% cotton, and they definitely feel like they are in terms of weight, but they are very soft and comfortable to wear.
Karin Emily wears a breton black and white stripe tee, Everlane way high jeans, and black Everlane day gloves for her Everlane Denim Guide
Karin Emily wears a breton black and white stripe tee, Everlane Way High jeans, and black Everlane day gloves for her Everlane Denim Guide

Style: The Way High Jean in Distressed Regular (gifted)

Cost: $118

My Size: 26

What the Website Says:

  • Rise: 12 1/8”. Inseam: 27 1/2”. Leg opening: 16 1/2” (size 28).
  • 98% Organic Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Machine wash cold, inside out. Tumble dry low.
  • Raw hem


Say goodbye to your belly button. Featuring our highest rise yet, the Way-High Jean accentuates your true waist, gives you legs for days, and holds you in—in the best way possible. Plus, it’s made of premium organic cotton with a touch of stretch, so sitting down isn’t a deal-breaker.

What I say:

  • Fit: So when I heard Everlane was going to be releasing these jeans I was a little bit nervous about the rise seeing that I have such a short torso, but these actually really do work! They are definitely a very high rise, but they just sit so nicely at the waistline, and the stretch makes them very comfortable to wear so that I have had no problems at all. I kept my true Everlane size of 26 in these, and they fit perfectly. I just love the cut of these jeans… they are a wider straight leg, but they also aren’t a wide leg so they are easy to wear with boots now, and they will look great with sandals in warmer weather.
  • Material: The material is on the thinner side, but it doesn’t feel cheap or overly stretchy. It still has the signature Everlane denim feel to it, but the weight makes them work for a variety of weather. I love that on this wash in particular there is a slight amount of distressing, but not enough for it to be a full on ripped jean look.

Style: The Rigid Way-High Jean in Vintage Light Wash Regular

Cost: $118

My Size: 26

What the website says:

  • High-rise with a wide, straight leg.
  • Slim fit through hips and thigh.
  • Sits just above belly button.
  • Rise: 12 1/2″.
  • Leg opening: 16 1/2″ (Size 28)
  • Regular Inseam: 27 1/2″ Long Inseam: 29 1/2″
  • Rigid 13oz denim. No stretch


Featuring our signature highest rise, the Rigid Way-High Jean accentuates your true waist, gives you legs for days, and holds you in—in the best way possible. Plus, it’s made of premium organic cotton which gives it a heavier vintage feel that molds to your body over time.

What I say:

  • Fit: even though the rise on these is just slightly higher than the rise of the original way high jean, these feel a lot higher. It does feel a bit overwhelming on my 5’5″ height, although looking at these photos I don’t mind the way they look… it just feels like a bit much if that makes sense? I think for anyone with a longer torso they would be perfect. I stuck to my normal 26 in these, and they fit perfectly. I do think these feel a lot more straight legged instead of wide legged like the original pair because the they don’t have as much movement to them due to the rigid cotton, but the fit is still really comfortable and they are easy to wear all day.
  • Material: The material is definitely more rigid and not nearly as soft as the original version, but they still don’t feel hard or uncomfortable. They feel like a proper pair of 100% cotton midweight denim… which means they are a bit thicker than the original version and may not work on really hot days. I tried a couple of different washes and the light wash is by far my favorite in this style. If I had to pick between this pair or the original pair though I’d go with the original because you can’t beat the comfort of the stretch in the original version.

:: Flared/Wide Leg ::

Style: The Slouch Bootcut Jean in Stormy Ash

Cost: $41-55 on final sale

My Size: 26

What the Website Says:

  • The Slouch Bootcut Jean combines a classic bootcut silhouette that kicks out a little at the ankle, a 31” full length inseam, with a slouchy, relaxed fit. Sitting as a mid-rise and fastening with a zipper fly, they’re made with our softest organic cotton and TENCEL™ with REFIBRA™ blend denim for a comfortable take on this iconic jean style. 
  • Front Rise: 10 1/8″
  • Leg opening: 20 1/2″ (size 28) 

What I Say:

Fit: Okay now we’re talking. I haven’t like a pair of Everlane jeans as much as these since they released their way high slim jeans, and that’s saying something because I wear those on heavy rotation. I’m not sure these will get as much frequent use because they are more of a specialty style, but these are the first pair of bootcut jeans I’ve tried that I actually like without feeling like I’ve returned to high school. The looser fit and the mid rise vs low rise is what makes all the difference. These jeans are just cool, but they also read polished enough that they are versatile enough to wear for a myriad of scenarios. With my short torso they hit right below my belly button so I’d imagine on a long torso they’d be a true mid rise. They don’t come in a tall inseam however, so that may be an issue if you are much taller then me, something to keep in mind.

Material: the material really is very soft, and I’d say these aren’t going to be a great pair of jeans for super cold weather as they are in the thinner side, but the softness makes them an extremely comfortable pair of jeans to wear.

Style: The High Rise Flare Jean in Bright Indigo

Cost: $69-41 on final sale

My size: 26

What the Website Says:

  • The High-Rise Flare is a nod to an iconic ’70s fit in modern washes. Featuring a form-fitting silhouette through the thigh and hips, and a flared leg shape, with a full length inseam, so you can pull those platforms on. Plus it’s made with low-stretch regenerative cotton for an all day close fit.
  • Rise: 11″
  • Leg opening: 22.25″ (size 28)
  • Inseam: 31″

What I say:

  • Fit: meh. These are just okay in my opinion. They are a nice pair of flare jeans with typical feeling Everlane denim, but there’s nothing about them that feels special or makes me want to keep them. Now to be fair, I do already own a couple of pairs of flare jeans so if I didn’t maybe I’d like these more… but in a sea of denim the fit of these doesn’t stand out to me like their recent way high straight Jean or even the original 90’s cheeky jeans. Still, if you don’t have a pair of flares these are a good pair and the fit is nice so I’m not, NOT recommending them… though if you do have something similar already, I’d say skip ‘em.
  • Material: the material feels a lot like my other pairs of more rigid Everlane denim like my 90’s cheeky, but a tad thicker like the way high jeans. It’s very much a denim to give you shape, but it has stretch to it so it’s not uncomfortable at all. I do like the feel of these jeans and how supported I feel in them.

Style: The Way Wide Crop Jean in Iznik Ink

Cost: $128

My Size: 26

What the website says:

  • High-rise with a wide leg. Slim fit through hips and thigh. Sits just above belly button.
  • Rise: 12″. Leg opening: 23 1/4″ (size 28).
  • Inseam: 26 1/2″
  • Non-stretch
  • Zipper fly

Way cute. Crafted from organic cotton The Way-Wide Crop Jean features our signature high waist and a flattering wide leg for extra style points. Pair these with our Pima Tanks for a classic, casual look.

What I say:

  • Fit: The fit on these is nice, however I’m not exactly sure why Everlane felt the need to release these considering they just released the way high sailor jeans. I just don’t find these to be a bit redundant and if you have other wide leg jeans, I don’t think these are necessary. They are a bit more drapier, as opposed to the sailor jeans and I do like the interest of the added panel on the leg so it’s not like they don’t have anything to offer, but I do kind of wish they would have made them either full length OR just way more wide leg to make them much more of a statement jean.
  • Material: the material is less rigid than the sailor jeans and is a bit more thin hence the drape that I mentioned above. It’s not a summer weight jeans necessarily, but it’s just a bit more thin . I’d say if you don’t like the rigidness of the sailor jean, you may like these a little bit more.
  • Overall: these are a nice jean, but I don’t think you need these AND the sailor jean. Id’ just choose the one you like best and stick with that pair.

Style: The Way High Sailor Jean in Sail Blue

Cost: $128

My Size: 26, 27.5″ inseam (2022 reviewed)

What the website says:

  • High-rise with a wide leg.
  • Slim fit through hips and thigh. Sits just above belly button.
  • A little stretch
  • If 5’6″ or shorter, we recommend taking a 27.5″ inseam for a floor-length slouchy look.
  • If 5’7″ or taller, we recommend taking a 29.5″ inseam for a floor-length slouchy look.

Hey there, sailor. The Way-High® Sailor Jean features our signature Way-High® waist, a 29.5” inseam with an A-line, wide-leg silhouette in low stretch denim so you don’t have to worry about these pants losing their shape.

What I Say:

  • Fit: First of all, I’m just under 5’5″ so I took the 27.5″ inseam and I can definitely tell you (and show you) that they are not floor skimming. I kind of wish actually that I would have gone with the longer inseam because I wanted them to be floor skimming. However, with that said, they are a really beautiful pair of wide leg jeans. The fit really reminds me of the older wide leg style that they used to sell, but I like that these are a lot more simple in the design. When it comes to denim, I want the cut to make the biggest statement. I don’t like gimmicky things like fake whiskering or seams down the front, etc… and I like that these jeans shine in their simplicity. And another small thing that I really LOVE is that they actually widen all the way to the bottom, which makes the side silhouette a lot more flattering.
  • Material: They have a very similar feel to the original way high stretch jeans. It’s a thick denim that really sucks you in, but it’s still very comfortable and soft. I also like that, while they are stretchy, they don’t bag out at all. They stay nice and tight so they retain their shape even after hours of wear.
  • Overall, I’m happy to have this new style added to my denim collection.

Style: The Baggy Jean in Ricky

Cost: $128

My Size: 25

What the website says:

  • Intended to be a floor-length slouchy look.
  • High-rise, Relaxed fit
  • Inseam: 31″
  • Rise: 12.5″
  • Leg opening: 22.75″

Featuring our signature Way-High Waist and a wide leg opening for a looser fit, The Baggy Jean is made of 60% Organic Cotton and 40% TENCEL™ Lyocell with REFIBRA™ technology, so it uses less water and has reduced chemical usage in its production. The TENCEL™ Lyocell fiber is 100% bio-based and comes from upcycled cotton and FSC-certified, sustainably sourced wood pulp. Because of the innovative fabric blend, these jeans are extra soft to the touch, you’ll forget you’re wearing denim.

What I Say:

  • Fit: Oh man you guys. I LOVE these jeans. These are my favorite jeans that Everlane has released since the 90’s cheeky jeans. The fit is so so good. They are really slouchy so they’re the kind of jeans that look great with a shirt untucked, but I wanted to show you them with a tucked top so you could see the waistline, but I actually really love how they look a bit more dressed up like I have them here. As you can see, they are really long, and after I took these photos I actually hemmed them to be more of a floor length fit on me (I’ll share a photo of the hemmed jeans after the material review) so do keep that in mind, but I think they look great with heels too. These jeans run big and they do stretch out a bit so if you want them to be a bit more fitted (and there’s lots of room in the hips and legs to do so) I would definitely size down, but I stuck with my true size because I wanted to really lean in to the slouchy fit.
  • Material: The description says that they fabric blend makes them so soft to the touch that you’ll forget you’re wearing jeans, and… they’re not lying. These jeans are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. I can’t even fully tell you how comfortable they are. I already know that these are going to b my go to jeans when I can’t deal with “real” pants because they genuinely do feel much more like a pair of soft sweatpants than they do denim. I’m sold… and hooked. If you’re someone who can’t handle regular denim and reach for leggings much more often: TRY these.

The hemmed jeans:

Okay then! Those are my thoughts. I hope you found this Everlane denim guide helpful! Let me know if I missed anything in the comments so I can add it into my reviews, and like I said above let me know if you’d like a review of any of these jeans in different rises/washes/inseams.

I think that’s it!

Until next time,


The striped shirt I am wearing is the modern breton tee from Everlane

You can find my other Everlane reviews here. I also have a Madewell Denim Guide here and a Levi’s Denim Guide here.

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  1. 11.7.18
    Karen said:

    Thank you! I keep wanting to order from Everlane but I’m so scared it won’t be a proper fit. So helpful! I also live in Canada so I find returning a pain. Thanks!

    • 11.18.18
      Karin said:

      Yes that does make a difference then! I’m glad this was helpful!

      • 9.9.23
        Marianne said:

        Karin, you are so right about the Way High Slim Jean! They have become my second favorite (current) Everlane jeans after the ‘90s Cheeky. I feel the denim and the Sail Blue wash is nicer than on my Original Original Cheeky Jeans in Faded Indigo; it has heft and just the right amount of give. Too bad that it looks like Everlane is phasing these out. Thank you so much for your guide!

        • 9.11.23
          Karin said:

          Thanks for the comment Marianne! I noticed they were phasing them out and I’m so bummed! I’m actually wearing them right now ha! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed my guide!

  2. 12.14.18
    Ashley said:

    Have you noticed any kind of smell with the black jeans? I’m always so disappointed when I order black denim online and they have that chemical smell that’s impossible to get rid of.

    • 1.17.19
      Karin said:

      I haven’t! Though I don’t think I’ve ever noticed that with black denim so I’m not exactly sure what you’re referring to. But I can say that I didn’t smell anything on the black pairs and I have a pretty sensitive nose.

    • 7.8.19
      Cherry said:

      Hi! I’ve been reading your posts and trying to decide on what size I should get for the Cheeky (not the 90s). I got two of them, 24 and 25 in the faded indigo. 24 fits all around, even the waist. The only problem is that I am awful cameltoe AND a wedgie. The 25 gaps at the waist (in a comfortable way), but seems to have a lot of excess fabric around the thighs. I really want to love them, and will be so bummed not ending to keep any. Did yours stretch out in the waist? Also, did they expand or shrink in the wash?

      • 7.8.19
        Karin said:

        Hi Cherry! I would say go with the smaller size because they do stretch out over time. I have actually been thinking about selling my dark wash cheeky jeans so that I can order the smaller size. I hope that helps!

  3. 1.4.19
    Bella said:

    I’ve returned 5-6 pairs of Everlane jeans due to the smell. Like, burn your nose hairs, eye watering chemica smell. I think the Authentic Stretch material is the culprit (I only purchased the black and washed black colors).

    • 1.17.19
      Karin said:

      That’s so strange! I have not had the problem at all! And I own three pairs of the authentic stretch jeans. I have a pretty sensitive nose too so I think I’d notice it if it was there. Maybe you had a bad batch? Though it does seem strange that it would have been on that many pairs…

  4. 1.9.19
    Nicole said:

    Hey! Love these posts! So helpful!! Question. The only pair of everlane jeans I purchased I returned because I could totally see the entire front pocket outline and it just looked weird. My husbands do that too now a little. Have you had the problem at all? I do want to go with everlane and I can get behind their mission but the fit has to be right too.

    • 1.17.19
      Karin said:

      I haven’t experienced that at all! Which style did you have?

      • 1.18.19
        Nicole said:

        boyfriend. my husband has the slim fit. i’ll give them another try soon! Thanks for the feedback!

        • 1.25.19
          Karin said:

          You definitely should! I hope you have better results next time.

  5. 2.2.19
    Kristen said:

    Hi! I’m have similar body shape to you. Did you feel like you need to size up in the authentic stretch cigarette style or skinny?


    • 2.8.19
      Karin said:

      No, I stayed true to size! The stretch makes them mold really well.

  6. 2.2.19
    Kristen said:

    Hi! This post is so helpful! I have a similar body type to you and was wondering if you felt like you had to size up in the authentic stretch cigarette or skinny style?


  7. 2.16.19
    Sarah said:

    Hi! My inseam is between a 26 and 27 and am finding the relaxed boyfriend is too long. I want to get it shortened but want to know if I should wash it first, and also where on my ankle it should hit? Also, what shoes do you wear it with? Thanks!

    • 2.21.19
      Karin said:

      Have you tried rolling the hem? I really like mine rolled! I haven’t noticed much shrinking with that style, but it wouldn’t hurt to try washing them first. I like mine to hit right at the bottom of my ankle so that’s what I would suggest. As far as shoes go, I haven’t loved this style with boots, but I do really love them with sneakers, clogs, and flats! They’d look cute with heels too, but I’m not much of a heels girl.

  8. 2.18.19

    Thanks for the mega post! I’ve tried on a few of these styles and interestingly, I’ve found that in the authentic stretch high-rise, different washes fit differently. The washed black seems to run tighter than the blue ones. I’ve also had a problem with bagginess in the knees with many pairs I’ve tried. But maybe that’s because I’m shorter. I wish they’d make a true petite size.

    • 2.21.19
      Karin said:

      I’ve found that to be true in some of their other styles as well (although i’ve noticed this in other brands as well, so it must be a fairly common problem in denim production). I haven’t experienced the knee bagginess, but I’m average height so perhaps it is just where your knees are hitting the denim.

      • 2.28.19

        Yes, I think you’re right! I have short limbs so the bagginess is probably due to where it hits me. I reviewed different Everlane jeans with different materials: the Japanese denim and the Authentic Stretch and they both had some bagginess in the knees (though I also think it might be impossible to make stretch jeans without a little bit of that happening).

        • 3.3.19
          Karin said:

          I agree that there is a trade off to stretch! It’s comfy, but it does lead to SOME bagginess.

  9. 2.25.19
    Tammy Thiele said:

    This is hugely helpful! Thank you! I have been thinking of buying jeans from them forever but fit questions have held me back! This will help me push the buy button!

    • 3.3.19
      Karin said:

      I’m so glad it was helpful Tammy!

  10. 2.25.19
    Ald said:

    are the new cheeky’s in your usual size extremely tight to the point that it’s difficult to sit or bend your knees?

    • 3.3.19
      Karin said:

      Nope! Tight, but still comfortable.

  11. 3.8.19
    Emma said:

    Hi! This was all so helpful, and I’m dying to know where you got that tee shirt! <3

    • 9.7.19
      Jen said:

      I second this question.

      • 9.7.19
        Karin said:

        It’s from Tradlands! They are still available!

  12. 7.20.19
    Melanie said:

    I was wondering if you can compare the sizes to madewell? I wear a 26 in madewell jeans, wondering if i’d be the same in everlane or if they run smaller/bigger than madewell?

    • 8.29.19
      Karin said:

      It really depends on the specific style, but I would say Madewell runs smaller. I’m also a 26 in Madewell, and a 27 in most Everlane styles (besides the original cheeky).

  13. 9.4.19
    Sarah said:

    If love to see the wide leg and the button fly skinny one in a future review! You still have my fave guide on this brand!

  14. 9.4.19
    Carrie said:

    Wide leg jean and cheeky bootcut

  15. 10.10.19
    Lauren said:

    Hi! Thank you for compiling this, it was just what I was looking for while debating which style of Everlane denim to pick up. I’m currently debating some of their bootcut styles (a departure from my beloved straight leg), so I vote those next!

    • 11.6.19
      Karin said:

      Thanks for your feedback Lauren!

  16. 2.10.20
    Eryn said:

    So here’s my question- ever since my youngest was born a year I have to be *very* careful how stiff my jeans feel down there. I love the look of everlane denim – but does it feel soft and comfortable or rigid?

    • 3.16.20
      Karin said:

      Hmmm. I haven’t felt that way per se, but the styles that aren’t 100% denim should be fine for you if you get them in the right size.

  17. 5.1.20
    Jackie said:

    Hi Karin, thanks for this post. It’s really helpful.
    I have two pairs of everlane trousers, both in a size two, and a pair of cheeky black jeans in 26 regular. All three fit beautifully. I was thinking of ordering their soft wide legged jeans in sky blue (as my vintage Levis are on their last legs) but I notice that while you take the same size as me in their cheeky jeans, 26, you have sized up to 27 for the wide legs. My waist size is bigger than yours by the way as are my hips. Is the fit different in the wide legs? I am a bit wary of ordering the 26 now. Hope you are keeping well.

    • 5.5.20
      Karin said:

      Hi Jackie! I would definitely go with the 27. I find the cheeky jeans and their trousers to all run a bit small actually.

    • 6.30.21
      Aya said:

      Trying to find a white or ecru wash, and Everlane seems to be the only one with 100% cotton denim. Been eyeing the 90s Cheeky Jean, so might give it a shot. I wear a tag size 27 in the Levi’s straight wedgies and Decade Studio’s Alex jeans. I am the same height as you, but my waist is 27”, hips 36”. Looks like I’d have to size down to a 26, would you think that’s fine?

      • 7.1.21
        Karin said:

        I’d actually stick with the 27! Mine fit *just* right and they don’t stretch out over time so I’d go with your actual waist size!

  18. 5.8.20

    Thank you for this Everlane denim review post! I’ve been wanting to add a pair of Everlane denim to my closet so this is very helpful. Now, which pair to buy as the ones you reviewed are all excellent?!


    • 5.8.20
      Karin said:

      Glad it was helpful Leanne!

  19. 7.17.20
    Amber Hutchings said:

    This has been so helpful! I love how straightforward and honest you were on the fit and feel of these jeans from your perspective, as well as how comprehensive this article is! I’ll be honest, I had never actually heard of Everlane (whether due to being from the suburban West or simply my fashion ignorance). I found you on a google search to compare denim brands as part of my quest to update my post-baby wardrobe. Now I want to buy all the Everlane denim from all your affiliate links!

    You are lovely, candid, and look fantastic in denim!

    • 7.17.20
      Karin said:

      Wow Amber you are so kind! I’m so glad this post was helpful. Congrats on your new baby!

  20. 7.29.20
    Amanda said:

    Hi ! I just ordered the super soft wide leg and they seem a tad loose in the waist but I’m afraid if I size down they might be less comfortable and slouchy… since they are 100% cotton did you notice that they shrink up a little? I’m also concerned they might stretch more and make me look frumpy.. did you notice that at all either? Trying to decide whether to exchange or not…

    • 7.29.20
      Karin said:

      Hi Amanda! Yes, they do stretch out a little over time so I might try sizing down. I didn’t really notice any shrinking in the wash, but they definitely loosened up a LITTLE (not a ton though). I hope that helps!

  21. 10.11.20
    Elaine Wong said:

    Hi Karen,
    I’m interested in the super straight jeans in bone. I’m 5 ft 6 inches, 125 lbs, waist 28 inches, hips 35.5 inches. 11 inch rise suits me.
    Which size do you suggest? 26 or 27.

    What other straight jeans would you recommend? Thank you

    • 10.11.20
      Karin said:

      I’d go with a 28 actually! They run pretty true to waist size.

  22. 10.24.20
    My said:

    Hi Karin,
    Thank you for this blog! I lost a lot of weight due to the pandemic, working as a front liner. My usual size 26 jeans and size 2, all Banana Republic, pants are quite baggy, especially around my butt and legs. I am debating what size to buy in Everlane black jeans in the Authentic High Risk Skinnt and the Stretch High Rise Skinny jeans. When I measure my waist, it’s about, in inches, a 27 at the smallest part, hips 33, largest part of my thighs 17, and calves are 12. I am also 5’0 and 108 lbs. I have anted to buy black jeans for work now since my dress pants just almost fall off me by end of day. What are your thoughts on the sizing between the two? Should I go to a size 25 or stay at my usual 26? I like the look of both. And how about feel? If you had to squat up/down, stand/sit, and literally jog down hallways and around corners, but still look clean, fresh, and well-kept for patients, which one is best? Or would both be good choices? What would differ? I would also need a super dark wash since I am trying to make it look like work dress pants or at least not attract attention to them that they aren’t. I would really appreciate your opinion. Hope you are safe and well during this pandemic. Many thanks!

    • 10.25.20
      Karin said:

      Hi there! First of all, thank you for your service during this time! I am deeply grateful for the sacrifices you, and others like yourself, have made for others during this pandemic. Second, I would do your normal size 26, but if you are able perhaps you could try both and return the one that doesn’t work? From my experience the 26 sounds like the better fit, but I’d hate to steer you in the wrong direction. And yes, these are definitely the jeans for you if you need to be active in them! They are very stretchy, but they hold their shape throughout the day so you don’t have to worry about a belt or pulling them up constantly. I hope that helps!

      • 11.11.20
        My said:

        Hi Karin! Hope you and your family are staying safe as cases are rising. Things are getting tougher and likely to get worse yet.
        Thank you so much for your response. Because I lost so much weight, I went with size 25 on your advice. It fits perfectly with a bit of room so sitting or standing all day is comfortable. I could go a size down even, still room in butt/hips/waist/upper thigh, but maybe I’ll gain weight after the pandemic lol. There is no end in sight. I really lost a lot of weight. This is the first time I felt good in a pair of pants since pandemic. You really helped me get there and feel good. It means the world when my whole life now is focused care of patients and living in PPE 12 hours a day! Many thanks!

        • 11.17.20
          Karin said:

          I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you for updating me. It’s amazing what clothes can do for our confidence! Stay safe.

  23. 10.25.20
    Nicole said:

    I’d love to try one of Everlane’s “cheeky” style jeans but am confused about sizing. Do any styles have a little more “give” around the waist? A lot of people complain about gapping at the waist but I have the opposite problem: narrow hips relative to my waist (especially since I just had my third baby). If I order according to my waist size, the jeans would be huge everywhere else. My pre-pregnancy waist size was around 30″, hips 36″. Now I am probably more like 33″ with 39″ hips (but obviously hoping some of that baby fat will come off the mid section). Before I wore a 27 or a 28 in jeans. Any thoughts on which style would work best for this situation? Thanks!

    • 10.25.20
      Karin said:

      Hi Nicole! I would try the original cheeky. They are a bit more stretchy, and the fabric is softer than the 90’s cheeky. I’d still go with your waist size (you could try one size down even), because the jeans are meant to have a straighter fit I don’t think they would look odd being a bit baggier in the hips and thigh. I hope that helps!

  24. 11.1.20
    Bonnie said:

    Hello! I’m trying to figure out the best size for the everlane authentic stretch jeans in black. My waist measures 27” and hips measure 37”. I have a pair of cheeky white jeans from everlane that I started in size 26 and exchanged for a 25 because the thighs were more loose than I liked—the 25 fit pretty perfect, but the waist is ever so snug by the end of the day. I was thinking a size 26 for the authentic stretch but keep going back and forth.

    • 11.2.20
      Karin said:

      Hi Bonnie! I’d go with the larger size, but you may want to try the Curvy Authentic Stretch version!

  25. 1.8.21
    Allie said:

    Hey lady!

    Thank you SO much for pulling together this guide. I’ve been back and forth on ordering jeans from Everlane and just cannot pull the trigger- until hopefully now!

    If you don’t mind me asking, what is your thigh measurement? That’s the one area I’m struggling with on sizes. For example, my waist is 24. My thigh measurement fits better with the next size up, but then I risk a loose waist. I’m particularly interested in the 90s Cheeky Straight Ankle & The Way High Jean.

    Thanks a ton! 🙂

    • 1.11.21
      Karin said:

      Hi Allie! You’re very welcome! The circumference of my thighs is 20″ so I’m fairly straight from my hips down. I think though you’ll be fine sizing for your waist in both as they both have plenty of room in the thigh!

  26. 1.10.21
    Step said:

    Thank you so much for this in-depth review omg. I haven’t been able to find anyone else who has tried out ALL the styles, so this was extremely helpful. I was wondering if you had any favorites out of all these styles, like the top ones you like/wear the most?

    • 1.11.21
      Karin said:

      Hi there! I’m so glad it was helpful! I’ve actually been thinking of doing a post sharing my favorites, but I will tell you now that the 90’s cheeky in the washed black are, by far, my most worn pair. Lately I’ve really been enjoying the button fly skinny and the new way high skinny as well! I think I’ll really utilize the wider leg way high once it gets a bit warmer. Hope that helps!

  27. 1.28.21
    Ayanna Grant said:

    Thank you for reviewing! (and for doing literally EVERY style which is rare) This will be my first time using Everlane (Brit gal!) so I feel very confident to purchase now. 🙂

    • 1.28.21
      Karin said:

      I’m so happy to hear it was helpful Ayanna! I hope you love your pair as much as I love my Everlane denim! ♥️

  28. 12.30.21
    McKenzie said:

    This was so helpful! I was trying to make an exchange and this was the best guide I’ve found for size/ style.
    Unfortunately, the ones I got for Christmas were the wrong size & on final sale so no returns 🙁 Do you happen to know of anywhere to sell these for a decent price so I can buy ones that fit??

    • 1.9.22
      Karin said:

      I’m so glad it was helpful! Poshmark is always a great option!

  29. 3.20.22
    Meghan said:

    Hi! Super helpful – thank you for writing this out. Quick question: do you usually get a regular or a long fit with everlane jeans? I’m 5’6 and when I’ve gotten a pair of Everlane jeans in the past they felt like they cut a little bit too early above the ankle.

    • 3.20.22
      Karin said:

      I’m so glad it was helpful! I always do ankle!

  30. 4.29.22
    Sarah said:

    Thank you Karin for compiling and updating this! What would you say is the better pair of jeans: the Madewell Perfect Vintage Jean in Drayton Wash or the Everlane 90s Cheeky Jean in Vintage Mid Blue?

    • 4.29.22
      Karin said:

      Hi Sarah! They’re both so good, but if I had to choose one I’d go with the Madewell simply because it’s stretchy!

  31. 8.29.22
    Jenna said:

    Those baggy jeans look great on you. I wanted to buy them but at only 5’3″ I was worried about the length, although I could get them hemmed as you did.

    • 9.6.22
      Karin said:

      Hi Jenna! Yes to avoid heels you’ll have to get them hemmed, but I think it’s worth it!

  32. 9.2.22
    Aliyah said:

    Hi! Great post!
    I like the everlane’s authentic stretch high rise cigarette jean since it gives a snug fit but is still somewhat of a straight cut, especially on my very petite frame. It seems that they do not make this anymore. So I was wondering if you tried any of their available jeans and found the style to be very similar to the authentic stretch high rise cigarette jean?
    It would be really great if you can share your thoughts, Everlane has a sale on this weekend and I really want to get a pair 🙂

    • 9.6.22
      Karin said:

      Ah! Those were a great pair of jeans! I was so sad to have to pass mine along when they no longer fit. To be honest, I wouldn’t say any of the current styles fit like those did, but if I HAD to suggest something as a closeish second it’d be the original cheekies. I hope that helps!

  33. 10.6.22
    Attila said:

    Hi Karin, I love the very thorough post.. can you make one for men’s now! I actually ran into the fit problem with their pants, and being a software engineer, made a little tool that I now use on everlane.com to make sure what I order fits me 🙂

  34. 11.7.22
    Penny said:

    Hi! Thanks so much for this! I just found you on a random Google search and I love your style.
    My question is re the baggy jeans. When you got them hemmed how did you keep that cool cuff? Thanks!

    • 11.9.22
      Karin said:

      Hi! I hemmed themselves so it’s a little hard to explain, but maybe I can try to do a blog post tutorial for my process!

  35. 4.27.23
    Jess said:

    Did Everlane just raise the price of the Way High Jean?

    • 4.28.23
      Karin said:

      Ah! Sorry about that. They raised them awhile ago, and I missed updating my guide.

  36. 5.5.23
    Sinead said:

    Hi, love your Everlane guide, Im finding it difficult to get my size in the authentic stretch high rise skinny 27 or 28 waist with 28.5 inseam, have they discontinued these in favour of the ‘way high’ range? Thankyou

    • 5.5.23
      Karin said:

      Yes I think it’s an older style!

  37. 5.20.23
    leah said:

    I don’t see any dates associated with your entries (so hard to discern your weight at the time per the note at the top of this page).

    • 1.26.24

      Just received Everlane Rigid Slouch Jeans. No wonder on sale and No Returns. Terrible fit and the button holes are a DEAL KILLER Get rid of merchandise that is highly INFERIOR. Will hesitate greatly before purchasing Everlane again.

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