New in at Tradlands: the Perfect Jumpsuit & Tee Dress

Hi friends!

I’ll admit: I’m feeling SO much better. Mentally I’m in a much better place than I was a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I still feel very pregnant and all of the physical things I was feeling before, but I feel better able to handle it and push through to the end (7 more weeks to go!).

With that being said, I know these things are cyclical so I’m just going to post when I’m feeling good, and stay quiet when I’m not. I don’t feel like I have to go into a lengthy explanation every time I need to stay quiet, and I know you guys totally get it.

But right now? I feel good, so I’m happy to be sitting down writing this post and to have some proper photos to share with you. 🙂

One of my favorite brands to work with is Tradlands. For a few of reasons:

They are a small, women owned brand that is absolutely kicking butt (I seriously don’t know how they do it all with the size of their team).

They are the nicest (can’t stress that enough) people who truly have a heart to make the fashion “space” more ethical and inclusive,

and they make the best clothes. Some of my all time faves (like their sweatshirts and t-shirts) come from their lineup, and I have to say: the two pieces I’m sharing with you today from their new collection have the potential to fall into that category

*the pieces in this post were gifted to me to review for you. I am not being paid to write this post, but I will make an affiliate commission if you purchase through my links. Thank you for supporting Truncation in this way, and thank you to Tradland’s for sending me these pieces! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

They have been hard at work recently with all kinds of beautiful new releases, but the two new in at Tradlands pieces I’m going to share with you today are the two that caught my eye the most (and the two that I thought would fit my preggo belly ha!)

The first being…

their first ever jumpsuit! Eek!

I was so, so excited when I saw that they were releasing a jumpsuit! First of all, Tradlands absolutely nails fit every single time, and they always choose the most classic silhouettes.

As soon as I tried this jumpsuit on, I knew both those boxes were checked.

Now. Granted, I am pregnant, but I can tell the fit of this jumpsuit is going to be so good once I’m not sporting the bowling ball look anymore… but I also kind of love how it looks with my bump.

It does come with a waist tie, but I chose not to use it because with my short torso and third trimester bump it would have tied literally directly under my boobs. I will definitely be utilizing it when I’m not pregnant however, because I love the look of a cinched in waist with a more masculine silhouette.

The waist tie is flexible because there are not preassigned belt loops… something that I really appreciate as a short torsoed gal. I often find that when there are belt loops, the fit seems a bit awkward or I’ll have to do creative bunching to get it to look right. With this jumpsuit you can tie the band wherever your natural waistline hits.

Another thing I really appreciate about the fit is that the crotch is not too dropped. I find that with a lot of jumpsuits I have to get the crotch brought up a bit to make it look “right.” There’s still plenty of room in the midsection (as is evidenced by my bump fitting in it), but the crotch is not super low. It’s also the perfect length for me as an average heighted gal, but it will probably need to be hemmed or cuffed for my petite friends (my tall friends may be able to get away with it as a more cropped fit).

It’s made of a really nice black linen tencel. I didn’t notice any major wrinkling when it came out of the bag, which leads me to believe that it will not need any major ironing/steaming… super win in my book! The material is also very soft and comfortable to wear.

I’m a huge fan can you tell? Ha!

Oh! And one last thing I want to point out: this jumpsuit will be perfect for breastfeeding once little guy makes his appearance so if you are looking for a breastfeeding friendly jumpsuit, this is the one.

It comes in three colors/fabrics: black linen tencel, clay linen tencel, and natural canvas. It is available in sizes ranging from xxs to xxl (I got it in a small), and it retails for $227.

Complete Outfit Details for this look:

Finn Jumpsuit in Black Linen Tencel, Size Small (Gifted)

Everlane Sandals (Review Here) (Gifted)

Bag: Thrifted. SUPER similar here

Madewell Earrings

The second piece from them is, perhaps, slightly less exciting but no less excellent.

They just released a lineup of new t-shirt dresses, which (do I sound like a broken record?) I really love.

I’ll admit, when I first tried this dress on I thought it was a bit short… or at least its shorter than I’m used to.

BUT. Two things: It will be longer when it’s not accommodating a bump, and because it’s slightly longer in the back I think it’s actually really flattering.

It’s made of 95% cotton with 5% spandex and that little bit of spandex is what makes it really flattering and gives it that added comfort/stretch. Like their t-shirts the material is “weighty” enough that it hangs really well. I hate to say that it’s thick because I don’t want you to think it won’t be cool enough for warm weather, but their knitwear pieces really are a bit thicker than others like them… and I think that’s what makes the fit better than normal.

I haven’t washed it yet, but I plan to wash it in cold water on gentle and hang dry it. I’ll keep you posted if I experience any shrinking.

The small touches on this dress like the neckline, the longer short sleeve, and the dropped hem in back make this tee dress a step above your average tee dress.

I got it in the color stone, but it also comes in graphite, and sienna. It’s available in sizes ranging from xxs to xxl (I got it in a small), and it retails for $89.

Complete Outfit Details for this look:

Baja T-Shirt Dress in Stone, Size Small (Gifted)

Everlane Sandals (Review Here) (Gifted)

Madewell Baseball Hat Everlane makes one now as well.

Shin+Na Bag (Review Here) (Gifted)

Definitely check these pieces out… you won’t be disappointed!

Which piece is your favorite?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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