Red Sweater: What I’m Wearing Christmas Day

Happy Thursday friends! As promised I’m sharing my (one and only) red sweater, and how I’ll be styling it for Christmas Day.

It’s so funny because a few years ago, David and I made the decision to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home as just a nuclear family. The only extended family we live close to is my sister and her family, and the traveling had just gotten to be too much.

So we made the decision to stick close to home, and we’ve loved every minute of it… until this year ha!

For some reason, NOT being able to travel to see family makes me want to do it even more.

Human nature am I right?

So I haven’t really dressed up for Christmas in a few years because it’s usually just a very cozy day at home. Typically, I start out in a pair of pajamas like I mentioned in this post, and then I try to put on something a bit festive as the day wears on. My girls love it when I get “in the spirit” with my outfit, so to be honest, it’s more for them than me (I’d happily wear my pajamas all day!).

So ANYWAY. Let me share the look, and then I’ll break it down for you:

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Sweater was gifted

You guys know that I don’t typically reach for something this vibrant, but honestly? I’m so in love with this sweater! I LOVE the bright color, and the fit is just so divine. I’ve had this sweater before in the mustard color they did a few years ago, but this color fits my style SO much better. It’s a really pretty poppy red color so there’s definitely a bit of orange in the shade, but I really love that about it. I got it in a size Medium because I wanted to really play into the boxy fit of the sweater, and I love the oversized vibe you get by sizing up. To be honest, I don’t know if I would love it as much in my true size. I also love the unexpected color paired with the rolled hem and sleeves and a more traditional cable knit. It’s just SO good you guys! I could literally sit here and sing it’s praises for another hour… but I won’t ha!

There’s a bunch of ways I want to style this sweater, but I thought for this first look… and how I want to style it for a cozy day at home I went with my favorite pair of jeans at the moment for lounging. I reviewed these Madewell jeans in this post at length, so I won’t say too much about them here, but I did want to just update you guys and say that they are literally the best jeans for hanging around the house in. I’m not even sure how they manage to pull it off, but they are so stretchy, don’t slip down during the day, but also don’t constrict at all in the waistband. Denim magic my friends!

I’ll probably spend the day in my slippers, but I paired it with heels for this photo just to give the outfit a finished look 😉

Well that’s it! That’s my Christmas Day look. Are you guys planning on dressing up? Or will you be keeping it low key as well? Let me know in the comments!

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