Tradlands Shelter Cardigan – Fall Capsule Wardrobe ’21 Outfit 13

Good morning friends! The weather has dropped pretty dramatically here and it finally feels like fall! It’s been a pretty chilly few mornings and I’ve been grateful for warm layers to reach for like the Tradlands Shelter Cardigan and this cozy jumpsuit to pair it with. This is definitely more of a lounge outfit for me, but it’s the perfect mostly at home outfit… it’s cute enough to wear for a few errands, but comfy enough for wearing all day at home.

I have wanted to try this cardigan for a good long while now (years!), but I’ve always been intrigued by their other new releases and have passed on the cardigan. Now? I’m bummed I didn’t give it more precedence because it’s really, really nice. I guess there’s a reason it’s become one of Tradland’s more iconic pieces! It has the best slouchy oversized, but not too slouchy fit. I love the way it just feels effortless to wear. I also love that the length is the perfect in between. It’s not too long, but it’s also not really cropped either. And I appreciate that the buttons are the same color as the cardigan. Sometimes I like the look of a good tortoiseshell button, but on this cardigan I prefer the monochromatic look. It’s a really well made cardigan, it’s substantial and warm, and because it is 100% cotton its really soft. It’s the kind of sweater that becomes a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. I can’t recommend it enough! I got it in a size small so I didn’t size up. If you were going for an even more oversized fit you could definitely get away with going up a size without losing the shape of the cardigan.

I can’t recommend it enough!

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My backpack is from Studio Noos | The Tradlands Shelter Cardigan, J. Crew jumpsuit, and sneakers (reviews for the jumpsuit and sneakers here. They are both currently 30% off!) were gifted

Capsule Categories: a “Cropped Cardigan” (even though it’s really not) and comfy sneakers. The jumpsuit it a part of my loungewear capsule, and those pieces are not included in my fall capsule

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I’ll see you tomorrow.


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