New in: Everlane Jackets and Denim for Fall

Hey friends! I’ve got a little post for you guys today featuring a few Everlane jackets and denim I’ve been loving lately.

I can’t believe how cold it got here! I mean, yes. I live in Midwest so cold weather is to be expected…

but even for us hearty Midwesterners, THIS cold THIS early in the season is a bit much ha!

Although to be perfectly honest? I haven’t minded it so much. I think the older I get, and the more I invest in quality pieces that will actually keep me warm during the colder months, the less cold weather bothers me (check out this post and this post on REALLY cold weather dressing tips).

Once I made the decision to steer clear of overly trendy pieces that often aren’t practical, and instead rely on more classic, sturdy wardrobe pieces I’ve felt more like I can be chic and warm at the same time.

Funny how that works huh?

So today I thought I’d show you two styles of Everlane jackets that I’ve been reaching for lately, and the denim I’ve been pairing with them.

Now, these jackets are suitable for fall weather. They will not, however, be suitable once we dip into negative temps. If you’re curious about what coat I reach for when things get that cold you can read the review of my puffer coat here (it’s the only long puffer I own, and I love it!).

But enough chit chat. Let’s get into the jackets and why I’ve been reaching for them lately:

*the Everlane items in this post were gifted to me so that I could review them for you. I will make a commission if you shop through my links. If you’re curious about my measurements you can find that information here*

Jacket #1

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chain necklace was gifted

Past reviews for your reference:
Denim review here (these are the 90’s cheeky. The review in my denim guide is for a different wash, but there’s no difference between the washes)
Alpaca sweater review here (you can also see it in a different colorway in this post)
Boot review can be found here
The purse is sold out, but just in case they bring the style back in the future I will link to the review here

Today’s Review: The Modern Trench Coat in Khaki, Size Small

It’s funny because I’ve been looking for a very classic trench coat in the right shade of khaki, that wasn’t too long or too short for a very long time. I’ve eyed this one from Everlane for a long time (this is one of their older styles), but something held me back from trying it. I think it’s because I own so much Everlane outerwear that I felt like I should branch out a bit, BUT I kept coming back to it so I finally decided to give it a try, and…

it’s exactly what I was looking for. Here’s why:

While I love the trend of super long coats, because I’m on the shorter side (5’5″) I tend to feel very overwhelmed by them. So I like the look of a longer trench on other people, but I knew that if I wanted a trench in my wardrobe for the long haul I’d have to skip that trend and go for something a bit shorter. On the same hand, I didn’t want something too short because the extra length adds warmth… I wanted to be able to wear my trench for as long into the cold weather season as possible.

This hits me just above mid calf which is perfect. It still looks very modern and chic, but it is a length that will work regardless of trends.

I also wanted something that was a bit oversized, but not SO oversized that it will look weird in a few years when trends are different. But the extra room is very practical because you can layer sweaters underneath (or even jacket liners). This jacket is the perfect in between of fitting a bit oversized, but not SO oversized that you lose the classic trench look.

I also wanted the trench to retain a lot of the classic details of a trench coat: the large lapels, the dark buttons, the storm flap at the shoulder, etc.

And? Tick, tick, tick.

Finally, I wanted a very cool khaki color instead of a warmer color that I see quite a lot of. In my opinion, the cooler tone is much more versatile when it comes to color styling (or at least in my wardrobe!).

I really couldn’t love this coat more.

It does run a big snug so if you are in between sizes I would go for the larger size. I almost always order an XS in jackets (narrow shoulder problems), but I ended up exchanging it for the Small and it’s a much better fit.

If you’re in the market for a trench like I was, give this one a try! I really think you’ll like it.

Jacket #2

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Past reviews for your reference:
Denim review here (these are the 90’s cheeky. The review in my denim guide is for a different wash, but there’s no difference between the washes)
Alpaca sweater review here (this is the cropped cardigan, and the only difference I’d add to that review is that I stayed true to size in this one to retain the cropped fit. I’m wearing a small)
Sneaker review can be found here
The purse is sold out, but just in case they bring the style back in the future I will link to the review here

Just a quick note about the turtleneck because I haven’t reviewed it: it’s LOVELY. I absolutely adore it. I ordered it in a small, and it is the perfect cozy layering piece. The waffle knit adds just the right amount of texture. I highly recommend! It does shrink a little in the wash so I’d suggest going one size up to accommodate for that.

Today’s review: the Dream Coat in black, size XS

This coat also fulfilled a spot on my wishlist, which was for a relaxed, easy black coat. I have a couple of black wool coats, but I wanted something that was a bit more slouchy (that’s not the right word, but kind of?).

I really like this coat because a.) it’s just that: a slouchy, relaxed and comfortable coat.

But it’s made of a cotton, modal mix that feels a lot like ponte so it almost has the feel of a ponte blazer in a longer style. So what I’m trying to say is that, yes. It is slouchy and relaxed, but it also has the structure of the ponte like material so you don’t necessarily look slouchy and relaxed.

With that said, this coat is not necessarily warm. It has more of a blazer weight so it’s perfect for Fall or Spring, but you would need some major layers for it to work for really cold weather (although this may be the perfect solution if you live somewhere that stays pretty warm). I plan to extend the wear of it by layering like I did in these photos, but it will have a shelf life as we creep towards January.

Another thing to note is that it does have three buttons down the front, but the shape of the collar and neckline don’t allow for you to button up to your neck so really this is not a cold weather coat (have I convinced you yet 😉 ).

I do love the midsize lapels however, and the slight V a the neckline. It creates a bit of shape to an otherwise oversized straight cut jacket.

Final thoughts: I think you’ll really love this if you’re in the market for a light jacket that gives you a bit of structure while also being comfortable.

I know I said this post was about jackets AND denim, and I kind of glossed over the denim, but I did want to say that you guys already know how much I love my 90’s cheeky jeans and the two new washes I’ve acquired over the last few months are gearing up to get just as much use as my original pair. That style of denim is my go to for both style AND comfort. If you have any additional questions, make sure to check out my Everlane Denim guide here.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed these two outerwear reviews, and my ode to my favorite denim. 🙂

Until next time,

Photos by Becky Ankrum Photography

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