New Shoes from Everlane + a Few More New Pieces

If you guys have been paying attention to the “coming soon” page on Everlane’s website, then you’ll know that there were a LOT of new releases this month!

It took quite a lot of hemming and hawing on my part to figure out which pieces I wanted to share with you guys (of course taking in limitations intrinsic to my “condition” at the moment), but I think I finally narrowed it down to a good variety/handful.

So because I have a lot to share with you this month, let’s get straight to it:

as always, thanks to Everlane for partnering with me on these posts and providing these clothes so that I can review them for you. All opinions and thoughts are always my own.

I’ve already reviewed the tee dress and the tote, and you can find those reviews here and here.

The Link Stitch Crewneck Sweater in Brass:

I wanted to start my mini reviews with this piece, because it’s the only piece that I purchased on my own… and boy am I glad I did! I think it’s my favorite piece of the bunch. First of all, the Brass color is so vibrant and gorgeous, but second the stitching on it is just SO stunning. I prefer this style 1,000% to the cotton sweaters they released last year (still love those, but just love this style more).

The knit is a lot less textured and bulky, but I did size up to a medium (I’m usually a small) so it would have a nice loose fit. I would say the neckline is a little bit more of a mock neck than a crew neck, and the sleeves are nice and loose (I hate restricting sleeve cuffs). One thing to keep in mind is that the shoulder is dropped so if you’re wanting something a bit more polished, I would actually size down. It may be a bit too slouchy for business casual in a bigger size. It’s a really soft cotton as well and I have a feeling it will be on constant repeat this fall.

It comes in three colors: bone, brass, and rust (the most gorgeous red… I’m debating…), in sizes XXS-XL, and it retails for $75.

The Day Glove in Dark Rose Suede:

Im always excited to see the new shoes from Everlane’s new launches. And these I really love, but I was super curious about the material as the Day line is known for it’s super soft and flexible leather… something I haven’t found to be normal in suede shoes. To be honest, the suede is NOT as soft and flexible as the leather version, but it IS the softest suede shoe I’ve put on my feet so there’s that… however, it is a lot more structured than the leather version.

As far as sizing goes: these do seem to run about a half size bigger than their counterpart. I got them in my true 9, but I could have gone for an 8.5. I’m not sure if they’ll stretch out a ton, but so far I haven’t experienced a lot of stretching… I can swing back and update this post if I notice a big change in a few months.

They come in three colors: navy suede, pale rose suede, dark rose suede, sizes 5-11, and retail for $115.

Everlane Pieces I’m Styling:

Long Weekend Tee Dress in Fatigue, Size S (gifted) (review here)

Link Stitch Crewneck Sweater in Brass, Size M

The Day Glove in Dark Rose Suede, Size 9 (gifted)

The Day Tote Mini in Black (gifted) (review here)

I won’t be reviewing the Market Tote today because I’ll be doing a separate, dedicated post at a later date.

Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt in Off-White

I’m going to be honest with you, there’s not a whole lot to say about this shirt because it’s just a pretty solid white button down… but there are a few things to highlight:

You don’t need a layer underneath with a nude bras, but you probably would with a colored bras. It’s made of a really soft cotton (although I’m not sure that silky is a term I’d use to be honest), and even though its 100% cotton it does have a slight amount of stretch so I don’t find any gapping at the bust. HOWEVER, even pregnant I’m not super busty so keep that in mind. A better indication of gapping might actually be how it fits over my belly, and there’s no gapping there either. I stayed true to size with a size 4.

It’s a very thin material so it’s perfect for layering, and there’s honestly no bells or whistles. It’s the perfect white button down for layering under a suit jacket in my opinion.

It comes in 5 colors: black, off-white, terracotta, pale blue, grey/white, sizes 00-16, and retails for $50.

90’s Loafer in Bone:

So these loafers are pretty much the opposite of the Day Loafer ha! They are a much more stiff, structured leather that will take some breaking in. The first time I put them on, I REALLY struggled to get them off (and I promise it has nothing to do with being 8 months pregnant). With that said, once they are on they really do mold to your feet and don’t rub a ton. Definitely stay true to size in these, even if they feel tight when you get them. I’ve been wearing them since the beginning of August, and they have loosened up. In my opinion, you want these shoes to fit snuggly (just make sure you have enough room in the toe box from the get go) because that’s what minimizes rubbing. I think it’s when shoes are slightly too big that you get a lot of rubbing because your feet move around too much in the shoe.

I decided to get them in the white color, after realizing that a lot of my fall inspo pins had white loafers in them, and I’m glad I made the “bolder” choice. The white color really highlights the croc print and makes them extra special.

They come in

Everlane Pieces I’m Styling:

Silky Cotton Relaxed Shirt in Off-White, Size 4 (gifted)

the 90’s Loafer in Bone, Size 9 (gifted)

the Day Market Tote in Black (gifted)

(jeans are super old maternity jeans)

I DO have another post scheduled for Thursday that breaks down the difference between the older style of cotton texture cardigan vs. the new cropped version, so stay tuned for that.

And because there was so much to choose from, I created a little bonus highlight of some other pieces that caught my eye, but ultimately didn’t make it into my closet:

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