the Everlane Texture Cotton Cardigan vs. the Texture Cotton Crop Cardigan

*Updated on 8/29 to include a comparison between this older version, and their new cropped version… I moved the new comparison review to the beginning since the older version is available in limited stock only.

Alright so I’m going to make this a quick comparison because they are actually pretty similar. I’m just going to bullet point some of the differences so you have an idea of what you’re looking at, if you’re wanting to purchase the new version:

  • Actually let’s start with this: they hit at almost the exact same place on my hips, so I’m not sure why they’re calling this version the cropped version. They both hit me at mid hip, but I AM very short torsoed.
  • The first difference I can see is the detail at the hemline and cuffs. On the original version there was a raised ridge that I actually didn’t prefer. On this version, that ridge is missing.
  • The buttons are different. The original version has more of a tortoise style, and this style has cream colored buttons.
  • And finally, the BIGGEST difference is at the shoulder seams. On the original version the seam hits at your natural shoulder with a change in the knitting direction starting at the collar and ending at the shoulder seem. On the second version, there is a dropped shoulder so the overall effect is a more “ballooned” sleeve. To be honest, this version feels much more like the Babaa cardigans I mention below in the initial review.

So here are my final thoughts:

If you have the original version, I’m not sure you would need this version as well. They are similar enough that it would probably just feel like a duplicate in your closet.

If you DON’T already have one, I would definitely recommend the new version as I wore the older version all fall/winter and I do actually prefer this version. The updated sleeve, and lack of detail on the cuffs/hem make this a better version in my opinion. In fact, overall this feels like an updated take on last year’s version.

Here’s a little side by side comparison to help you out:

what I’m wearing in the new photos: the cropped cardigan in bone, size S, the Luxe Cotton Jumpsuit in Toasted Coconut, Size S, and the 90’s Loafer in Bone Crocodile, Size 9. (all items were gifted)

The initial review starts now:

Here’s something funny about trends…

they can play with your mind. You know what I mean?

For example: the color ochre.

It’s everywhere right now… and suddenly you find yourself with a strong urge to add the color into your wardrobe.

Then two years from now when ochre is no longer in, you’ll find yourself Marie Kondoing all of the ochre right back out of your wardrobe.

In other words: it can be really hard to know if you really like a trend, or if you like something because its a trend.

Now that I’m trying to limit my purchases to ethical pieces only, this has been something I’ve struggled with.

I see a lot of people on Instagram who seem to be snatching up all of the trends as soon as they become a trend.

And while there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s in your budget, frankly put: it’s not in my budget (nor do I know if I want it to be).

One of these trend items I’ve struggled with is the Babaa cardigan that’s been cropping up on everyone. My first instinct is that I really like it, but my second instinct is that it’s really expensive, and I’m not 100% certain that I like it because I like it… or because it’s a trend.

So I’ve decided to hold off on purchasing it until next fall. If I still like it after the “hype” has died down, that’s a pretty good sign there’s a place for it in my closet.

BUT I was pretty pleased to discover that Everlane has released a new line of textured cotton cardigans that, while not an exact match, have a similar vibe as the Babaa cardigans.

Everlane was kind enough to send me one to review for you guys, and I definitely have some thoughts to share with you.

I have a feeling that this cardigan will be popular exactly because it is a more affordable “version” of the popular babaa cardigan so hopefully this helps you decide if it’s the right option for you:

1 | Quality/material:

It’s made of 73% cotton and 27% nylon. I thought the nylon in the fabric would make it feel like nylon, but it actually feels really nice and soft like cotton.

It has a very chunky, heavy knit that makes it drape really well. I does seem really well made, but I have noticed a few small snags in the material so that’s kind of a bummer. For what its worth they aren’t noticeable unless you get really close to it.

I really love the detail on the shoulder… the knit changes directions so that it continues down the sleeve and I find that really flattering, and the buttons are a really pretty creamy pale yellow marble pattern.

The sleeves balloon out just a bit (the perfect amount in my opinion) and end in a nice trim cuff that matches the bottom hem of the sweater. My only issue with the actual design of the sweater is the raised line that goes through the center of the cuff and hem. I know that’s just personal preference, but I would have highly preferred it to be more simple.

The color is more of a yellow cream than a white cream. I don’t mean that it looks yellow, but the cream color has more of a yellow base. I do prefer that, but only because I already have a cream cardigan that is a white cream. Again, this just comes down to your preference and coloring.

It’s machine washable, but it does require line drying.

2 | Fit

I got it in an XS. I hover between an XS and a Small, but I kind of wanted it to have more of a “neat” fit. If you want a more oversized fit I would go with your “bigger” size… though the body is pretty slim so I don’t think it will ever be super oversized.

I’m 5’5″ and it hits right at the bottom of my hips.

The sleeves are ballooned enough that you can fit a long sleeve top underneath easily (the one I’m wearing is from Doen and it has pretty voluminous sleeves), but they are slim enough that it fits under pretty much all of my winter coats. It’s a bit of a squeeze underneath my black wool coat, but that coat also has really slim sleeves.

It has a slight v shape to the collar so when it’s buttoned it’s more prominent, but when its open it doesn’t hang weird… I hate when cardigans have such an extreme v that they drape awkwardly when unbuttoned.

One thing that I do really like about it is that, while it’s bulky, it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your body… does that make sense? In other words, it doesn’t make you look shapeless.

3 | Overall thoughts

It retails for $98, which is still a good chunk of money, but I DO think its a great alternative for those of you who can’t afford or justify the price of the Babaa cardigan.

I’m a bit disappointed in the snagged material, and I do wish that raised line wasn’t in the cuff and hem, but overall I’m really pleased with it.

It’s a good quality cardigan, I love the color, and the style is super versatile in my closet. Plus I love the detailing at the shoulder, the ballooned sleeves, and the buttons which give it a really nice modern vintage feel.

I would recommend it, even with the “issues” I have with it.

You can purchase it here.

Well I hope you found that helpful! I have been secretly hoping Everlane would release a style like this one ever since they released their texture cotton sweaters last fall.

Do you like this style of cardigan? What are some trends you stay away from knowing they don’t suit your style?

Until next time,


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Everlane Cardigan c/o (as mentioned above I sized down because I wanted it to be a bit more “neat”. If you want a slouchier fit stay TTS)

Doen top. Older print, but style still available here

Denim: vintage. Similar distressed look here. Other similar option here. More affordable option here (or see my denim style guide here)

Everlane Boots c/o (size up a 1/2 size)

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  1. 1.24.19
    Leah Wise said:

    I ordered one in black this morning. I was surprised at just how much it looks like the Babaa cardigans, but it does still feel organic to their textured cotton line overall, which at least makes it feel like a less overt knockoff. While I don’t want Babaa to suffer because of this “knockoff,” I agree that their line is so expensive as to be cost prohibitive. We’ll see how I feel about it once I get it.

    • 1.25.19
      Karin said:

      I had a feeling Everlane was going to do something like this ever since they released their line last fall. I also hope Babaa doesn’t suffer, but I can’t be mad about the fact that this cardigan is accessible to a much wider range of people. I can’t wait to see how you style the black one!

  2. 3.17.19
    Sherry said:

    I thought the same thing regarding trends. Even though it is in favor of a more sustainable wardrobe, these styles can in of themselves become trendy. I hear so much about everlane and their products are increasing so often it’s hard for me to not get fast fashion vibes from them lately. However the major click for me with Babaa knits is the superb quality. I managed to grab one off of eBay recently in a style I wanted and the knit is incredibly heavy and tight for a cotton cardigan, it’s one of a kind and I’m sure that even if someone out there has the same color, NO ONE has the same sweater. We cannot afford to buy a collection of these sweaters, but for the quality alone I’m willing to put off other purchases to save up for a couple wool ones.

  3. 9.1.19
    Martine said:

    This one really resembles the ones from Babaa but as Sherry said, I also think that a Babaa cardigan is one of a kind.
    I have been able to get myself a jumper during their summer sale and the quality is so good.
    I have never owned something like that before.
    It’s very tight and I’m not afraid that it will loosen up and become shapeless, as I have experienced in the past with other cotton jumpers.
    But this new cardigan from Everlane makes this kind of cardigan accessible for much more people.

    • 9.3.19
      Karin said:

      I think the Babaa cardigan is a great choice if you have the means to purchase one. But you’re right, the Everlane cardigan is much more accessible and I think that’s great!

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