New in Pieces at Everlane for Spring and Summer

Happy… insert confused mom wondering what day it is here. Gosh it’s been a crazy week so far, and I’m writing this on Monday ha! We have so much going on this week though that I think I’m already internalizing the busyness that lies ahead… between last minute Dr. appointments, planned Dr. appointments, hair appointments, Covid vaccine appointments, school drop offs/pickups, etc. we are JAM PACKED this week. So if you see me in real life with my hair thrown up in a top knot and still wearing my sweats… now you’ll know why. 😜

I’m trying to be better at taking busyness in stride… because I’m not someone who loves to be super busy. I like my slow, predictable routines (with an occasional sprinkling of spontaneity), but life with 4 kids does not equal predictability, and six years into motherhood I’m finally learning to chill out a bit and (at least make a good effort to) just go with the flow.

ANYWAY. Back to why we’re all here today:

I have a few new in at Everlane for Spring and Summer pieces to share with you guys. I don’t think I’ve done one of these posts in a few months so I have things to share that have kind of accumulated since Februaryish? Forgive my memory, refer to first two paragraphs as an explanation.

Okay. So I’ll stop rambling and get to the pieces I want to show you, but first a few notes:

This post is not sponsored, but some of these pieces were gifted and I will make a commission if you purchase through my links.

If you’re curious about my measurements you can find them listed here.

K that’s it! Here we go:

Shop the Look:

The bag is from Polene. Sweater, Jacket, and Shoes were gifted.

Pieces already reviewed:

Denim review here (90’s cheeky).

Coat (in a different colorway) here.

Cashmere tee thoughts (they’re currently 40% off!): the cashmere tee is very basic, but it’s also such a great wardrobe staple and an excellent layering piece. The fit on it is so good (not super fitted, but also not boxy at all) with a regular hip length, basic crewneck, and a mid bicep sleeve. The fabric is also super soft and it’s a nice lightweight knit so you can still get some use out of it in spring and summer (not on super hot days though). I got it in a size small.

Sneaker thoughts: I LOVE these sneakers so much! They are such a basic style, but the platform makes them so much fun. They’re super comfortable, although fair warning: they’re not the best for long walks. For just normal running around though they are a great comfy, but cool option. They run true to size.

Shop the Look:

The tote is old from Tradlands so I linked similar. None of these items were gifted.

Pieces already reviewed here:

Breton Stripe (in a different colorway) here.

Denim Review here (90’s cheeky)

Loafer thoughts: I went back and forth on these loafers for a really long time, and then I finally decided just to give them a try and send them back if I didn’t love them… and I am so smitten by them! Surprisingly so actually. I love the IDEA of loafers, but I often feel like they seem too “fancy” for my lifestyle. These seem to hit at the perfect in between state of having the look of the loafer, but being a bit more casual with the minimal design. They also are a perfect in between of sleek and chunky. I probably won’t get a lot of wear out of them this spring or summer, but I can’t wait to wear them this fall. They run true to size.

Shop the Look:

Pieces already reviewed here:

Wide leg pants (in a different colorway) here.

Smocked top thoughts: This was a bit of a surprise for me! I’m not typically a smocked top kind of person, and I’m definitely not typically a floral print type of person… but I just really felt the color/style of this top so I decided to give it a try. I do really like it! I think it comes down to the color scheme, and the way the top is cut… it’s the perfect length. You won’t need to tuck it in (I don’t like the look of smocked tops tucked in), but it’s also not super cropped either. I do have a shorter torso, but I think it will still work for longer torsos. I got a size small.

Sandal thoughts: This new sandal style that Everlane released is SO nice! I’m a huge fan. First, they are very comfortable, and the strap width is wide enough that there is no issue with them staying in place while you are walking. They also have a slight heel to them which makes them a little more special, but it’s still short enough that you can wear them for everyday. This particular colorway has the woven leather which is really beautiful, but I also love the simplicity of the other two colors (black and white). They run true to size although if you are in between sizes then I would say go down a half size.

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Shop the Look:

Swimsuit thoughts: I was so happy to see that Everlane had released a swim collection! I’m a big fan of simplicity in my swimwear and Everlane does simplicity really well. I decided to try the Square Neck Bikini top, and the High Rise Hipster Bottom in the herb color. Both pieces are mostly sold out in that color, but they still have a lot of sizes in the other colorways. As far as the fit goes, both pieces are full coverage (which I love), and they run true to size. The material is very similar to the perform leggings, but it’s thicker and its lined so it’s very smoothing. Overall, I would definitely recommend trying out one of their swimsuits!

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I hope you found these reviews helpful. I’m just getting so excited to put some of these pieces to good use if we can finally get some warm weather around here. 😉

Have a great week friends!

Until next time,


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