My Favorite Etsy Shops + a Review of my Linen Duster

Happy Wednesday!

Did I even post on Monday? I can’t remember ha! Oh wait, I did a post on styling clogs.

That’s where we’re at folks!

It’s been a weird week so far at our house. All of the girls have been supremely fussy, and Gabe has been super clingy.

Plus I threw my back out.

All direct “consequences” of our camping trip ha!

It was still 1,000% worth going, but its going to take a few days to settle back in I think.

This is life with kids my friends!

But let’s get to today’s post k?

You guys know how much I love Etsy. I’m a huge fan of buying linen on Etsy, and most of my jewelry comes from there as well.

But if you are new to Etsy it can be super overwhelming to know where to start. PLUS it’s a huge commitment ordering a piece of clothing because a lot of the linen shops on Etsy are from Eastern Europe.

SO today I thought I would do a little roundup of my favorite shops on Etsy, and point you in the direction of some of my favorite pieces from each shop.

And then make sure to scroll to the bottom of this post because I’ll be doing a review of the linen duster I have that you all love so much. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer the many questions I get asked about it every time I share a photo of it.

I’m not going to say much about each individual shop because honestly? They all kind of offer the same thing, but in slightly different styles. They all come in tons of different colors, and all of the shops I will list use great quality materials, and have beautiful designs so it feels redundant to say that each time. You catch my drift?

So okay. Let’s get to my favorite shops.


Offer sizes XS-XL. 3-4 week production time.

Shop my Favorites (Affiliate Links):

Not Perfect Linen:

Offer sizes XS-XL. 3-4 week production time

My Favorite Etsy Shops: Not Perfect Linen
SION Linen Skirt in Light Camel, S

Sorry about the quality of this photo. It was dark, but I wanted to share a photo of the skirt.

Shop my Favorites (Affiliate Links):

Man in the Studio:

Quick note here to say that I only own 1 thing from this brand, but almost everything from their line is on my wish list. I am in LOVE with their designs!

Offer sizes XXS-XXL

Shop my Favorites (Affiliate Links):

Off On:

Quick note here as well: this is the only shop that offers clothing made in more than just linen.

Offer sizes XXS-XXL

Shop my Favorites (Affiliate Links):

I ordered that gingham tiered maxi dress, but I think it’s been lost in the mail ? Hoping I’m wrong, and can share it with you!

Love & Confuse:

Offer Sizes XS-XL

Shop my Favorites (Affiliate Links):

So here’s my quick review of these two pieces for you:

I’m wearing the Nora Linen Coat in Beige in an XS, and the Riley Wide Leg Pants in Beige in a Small.

My typical sizing:

Height: 5’5″

Waist: 26.5″

Hips: 32″

Bust: 34A

Let’s talk jacket for you first:

This runs decidedly oversized so I would definitely size down. It has a dropped shoulder so at first I thought it looked a bit too sloppy being oversized AND with the dropped shoulder, but as I styled it I realized I actually really love the casual vibe it gives to the jacket. And as you can see I’ve styled it in quite a lot of different ways so it’s a very versatile piece of clothing to own. I LOVE the draping of the linen. It’s a slightly more weighty linen so it falls in such a beautiful way. You can really see that drape in the first picture where I’m facing my closet door. I also love that it doesn’t have lapels, and that the sleeves are long enough to roll a few times. It’s honestly a stunner of a jacket and I highly recommend it.

Okay now onto the pants:

The pants run true to size (and perhaps a smidge on the small side) so I would size up if you are in between sizes. There is plenty of room in the leg as they are wide legged (duh), but the elasticated waist runs on the snug side, and it hasn’t really loosened up much with wear. The elastic on these pants is really good, and sewn in well. There is nothing more irksome (ok that’s not true, but you get my point) than elastic that is not sewn well and then keeps bunching and twisting. The pants have FIVE elastic panels in them so if wide waistbands aren’t your thing then I’d reconsider these pants. I personally love that look because it makes for a bit of visual interest at the top. As you can see these are quite cropped, but they do hit me at the top of my ankle so most heights should be able to get away with the length (except my very short friends… so sorry!).

And before we end, I wanted to share a roundup of my favorite pieces from my favorite jewelry/accessory shops on Etsy.

First up is Red Cherry Blvd (Affiliate Links):

Second is my all time fave GLDN (Affiliate Links):

And third is Tree Fairfax (Black Female owned. Affiliate Links). She currently has her shop closed because she’s been inundated with orders, but I’ll link to the bag I have for when she is back up and running.

So there you have it! All of my Etsy favorites in one helpful spot. Etsy is so hard to sift through, but there are gems to be found and I hope this post helped point you in the direction of some of them.

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

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  1. 7.9.20
    Lesley said:

    Great post, I will definitely check out these shops! What kind of bra do you wear when wearing spaghetti straps? I need a recommendation for that situation. 🙂

    • 7.9.20
      Karin said:

      I don’t wear a bras to be honest! But I also have a simple bandeau that I’ll wear if what I’m wearing is white.

  2. 7.10.20
    Martine said:

    Love this sum up of the Etsy shops.
    I have already bought several pieces from Not Perfect Linen and I’m waiting for the crop top from Linenfox and the Riley pants from love & confuse (both inspired by you 😉 )
    The quality of the Easern European linen is great.
    It’s way better than what you buy in the regular stores and also the price is way better (for me, living in the Netherlands, anyway).
    I love your duster from Love & Confuse and put it on my wishlist.
    I also would like to give a tip on Etsy shop: “YayaAndPony”.
    Based in the UK.
    I have bought a smock dress and a top there and both are beautiful pieces.
    Unfortunately when I recieved them they turned out to be way to big but without any problem I could send them back and she made a new dress and some adjustements on the neckline of the top.
    I love her style.

    • 7.10.20
      Karin said:

      I agree Martine! It’s such great quality, and the price is much lower than anywhere else for that kind of quality. I hope you love the top and pants as much as I do! Thanks for the suggestion… I’m heading over to check their shop out now. 🙂

  3. 7.14.20
    Emma said:

    Loved this post Karin, so informative. You’ve just given me so many new places to shop !

    • 7.15.20
      Karin said:

      I’m so glad it was helpful Emma! I feel like a lot of these shops are perfect with your style!

  4. 8.12.20
    Jaclyn said:

    Hey! Such a helpful post! How do you like the rosemary jacket in beige? And how does it fit in terms of your size? Like loose/relaxed or oversized?

    • 8.12.20
      Karin said:

      Hi Jaclyn! I would stay with your true size. Mine did shrink a little so maybe even a size up if you want it to fit a bit more loose.

      • 8.12.20
        Jaclyn said:

        Ok, thank you! Do you ever wear it as a shirt? Or just as a jacket? 🙂

        • 8.12.20
          Karin said:

          You’re welcome! I used to wear it as a jacket, but now I prefer it more like a shirt since it shrunk a little.

      • 8.12.20
        Jaclyn said:

        Do you ever wear the Rosemary as a shirt instead of a jacket?

  5. 8.12.20
    Jaclyn said:

    Oh, Have you tried their BEE top from Love and Confuse? I just ordered it but not sure if I got the right size ha I’ll find out when it comes I guess?

  6. 8.12.20
    Jaclyn said:

    So do you ever wear the rosemary as a shirt? Or is it mainly a jacket? Just wondering about it’s versatility!

  7. 8.14.20
    Jaclyn said:

    Hi again! Lol
    Do you happen to know what the rise is on the Riley pants? Do you have a preference on what you like? I feel like I’m just now learning that that can play such a big part in how pants flatter my figure lol

    • 8.17.20
      Karin said:

      I’m not sure, and it may vary depending on the size so I would definitely recommend e-mailing the shop directly!

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