Winter Capsule Outfit No. 2: Babaa Cardigan No 23 Review

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I’ll be reviewing the Babaa Cardigan No23 in a moment, but seeing as it’s a huge investment that not everyone will be willing to make, I linked a similar option for a much lower price point | My tee is from Everlane, and while it’s still available, this colorway is not. I linked to the same tee in a classic breton stripe, but I also found a very similar colorway in a very similar style at Madewell so I linked to that one as well | You can find a review of my jeans at this link (the 90’s cheeky)

I just saw someone on Instagram say that it felt like it was Jan. 88th

and I had to stop and chuckle at that one because YES. Yes it does feel like that. The last two January’s have been very hard for me, and I would assume they have been hard for a lot of other people in cold climates.

Frigid temps are doable when you can find indoor activities to keep you busy, but without those little outings January has felt quite bleak. Unfortunately, no amount of layering will keep a two year old outside when it’s -13 outside (and the same can be said for the 37 year old)…

BUT I did reach out to my running obsessed older sister to get some tips on cold weather running gear, and I’m going to give it a go. I’ve always stopped running outside around the beginning of December, and picked it back up again when the weather warmed up. But I think mastering the art of year round running will be just what I need to chase away some of the winter blues.

I’ll keep you posted on what gear I settle with – I’m happy to play the guinea pig in this scenario.

But for now I’m cozying up with warm layers and woolen knits, and I’m doing the best I can to find moments of pleasure in little things throughout my day…

like dark chocolate, fresh flowers, and candlelit dinners.

Speaking of woolen knits

I have been very interested in a wool Babaa sweater for some time now. The shapes are lovely, the colors are dreamy… the quality is keepsake level.

But I was nervous about the comfort level being that wool bothers me sometimes. Babaa sweaters are not something you flippantly buy either so I sat on my desire to try one for around 2 years (ever since seeing my friend Andrea wearing one of the original cardigans).

I finally decided to go for it during their Black Friday sale…

and I am happy to report that the cardigan is a dream. It is a bit scratchy the first time or two that you wear it (unless you layer a long sleeve underneath), but it softens up each time you wear it and now I don’t notice any discomfort.

There is truly nothing like the shape of a Babaa sweater – it lays in the most perfect oversized way, and gives you that cool girl laid back vibe.

The quality is there as well – the cardigan is thick and warm, the details are even and there are no lopsided hems or uneven collars, and the buttons feel secure.

I went with the color oak and it is the prettiest mushroom brown that feels really unique even though it’s a neutral.

I also appreciate the big pockets at the front – they’re perfect for tucking away the many little “gifts” handed to me throughout the day.

Would I say the price is worth it?

I’m not sure. I’m very happy with my purchase, and I think if you are able to swing the hefty price tag then you’ll be very happy with your purchase. But if it’s just not in your price range, I wouldn’t sweat it… there’s lots of other beautiful clothing purchases that will be just as special for you.

But on a scale of 1/10 I give the Cardigan no23 a 10/10.

And now to list out my winter capsule wardrobe so far… in case you missed it, I’m doing a progressive winter capsule which you can read all about here.

  1. Banana Republic Camel cable knit sweater
  2. Old J. Crew Camel sweater coat
  3. Agolde Riley Distressed Jeans
  4. Veja Venturi Sneakers
  5. Babaa Cardigan no23
  6. Everlane Breton Stripe Tee
  7. Everlane Washed Black 90’s Cheeky Jeans
  8. Black High Top Converse
  9. Banana Republic Green Cropped Puffer Coat

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  1. 1.25.22
    Kelly said:

    I do believe that running outside all year is the key to surviving winter. I’m in Nebraska so it doesn’t get quite as cold here but layers are key, which I’m sure your sister told you. It’s pretty funny to see frozen icicle eyelashes after a very cold run. Totally worth it.

    • 1.25.22
      Karin said:

      I think you must be right Kelly! I always feel sad to “end” running for the season, and I think if I had that to look forward to it would help. Plus it sounds pretty hardcore! Ha!

  2. 1.25.22
    Andrea H said:

    Thanks for the shoutout friend! I still have and wear that No.19! (Wish I had kept my 18!)

    January is my least favorite month of the year. I love your idea of looking for little pleasures to savor!

    • 1.25.22
      Karin said:

      Of course! You were the one who introduced me to Babaa. ♥️ Looking forward to February!

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