What to Pack for a Camping Trip PLUS Free Downloads!

What to pack for a camping trip. Ahhh

I honestly can’t think of a better way to start a week off than to have a conversation about camping.

Just me?

David and I have been on countless camping trips in our years together (fun fact: we met on a camping trip so it’s kind of in the DNA of our relationship), and it’s something that, four kids later, we don’t do as often as we’d like anymore.

But this past spring we had a conversation about how we just want to jump back into it. With three pregnancies in the last five years (plus a year of just trying to survive twin newborns), David and I haven’t been able to get away on our annual anniversary camping trip to the Boundary Waters here in Minnesota.

And we always said we wanted to take our kids camping, and to take them from an early age… and then a terrible camping experience when Kit was 9 months old made us realize that kids don’t always feel the same way. Ha!

BUT our girls are older now, Gabe is an incredibly chill baby, and we have a renewed energy to get our kids out to a campsite.

All that to say, camping (and hiking, and really just enjoying nature) is something I’m really passionate about because it’s an amazing opportunity to remove yourself from the comforts of everyday life and be reminded of what it’s like to sit in quiet, peace, and the beauty that God has so graciously gifted us with (just don’t forget the bug spray… Minnesotans you KNOW).

You just can’t get that kind of experience without cutting off access to the many things we surround ourselves with that make life “quick.”

Over the 4th of July David and I were able to spend a few nights up near Grand Marais, MN and I removed all social media, e-mail… pretty much everything from my phone except FaceTime (cause I gotta see my babies when I’m away), and we spent those three glorious days enjoying the world as God created it.

If you’ve never been to a place as remote as the Boundary Waters, please do so one day if you are able. You’ll see every star in the sky, you’ll see clear as glass unpolluted water, you’ll see the bluest skies you’ve ever seen, wildflowers that have been allowed to stay wild… it’s honestly breathtaking to view nature in that way. I really can’t put it into words other than to say it’s life changing and its the ultimate stress reducer… plus my relationship with God takes on a whole new vibrant quality that is absolutely invigorating.

It’s worth the discomfort of sleeping in a tent, and having to cook all your meals over a campfire (or grill ha!).

BUT I know it can be a bit overwhelming to take your first camping trip… what do I wear and what do I bring? And especially if you’re in a remote place the fear of forgetting something is understandable.

I’ve got your back.

After that incredibly long winded intro to this post, here we are at the point of today’s post:

What to pack for a camping trip!

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to share a FREE downloadable PDF of my actual camping packing list PLUS a typical 3 day camping meal plan with grocery list, and then I’ll share some photos from our trip after which I’ll explain what I wore and why.

There’s my thesis. Let’s get to the packing list and meal plan first:

I hope you find that helpful!

I’ll link to some items that I recommend. Almost all of our gear is over a decade old so I linked to updated versions from the same brands or comparable items (affiliate links used):

Okay now on to the pictures!

Okay let’s focus on these two photos for a second:

I usually pack two outfits total: a day outfit and a night outfit and then I just hang dry them if they get sweaty or wet. I know that’s not for everyone, but you can at least take the example of my one outfit model and multiply based on your needs. So here’s a breakdown of each outfit:

Day outfit: sports bras, sweat wicking tank top, hiking shorts or pants, wool running socks, hiking tennis shoes, and a cap

Night Outfit: sports bras, tee or tank, sweatshirt/sweater/fleece, jeans, and sandals

I also bring a raincoat, backpack, swimsuit (if necessary), and hip pack

I’ll link to the specific items I use (or their current versions as some of my pieces are quite old. Affiliate links used):

Albion Fit Rise Bralette
Albion Fit Cheetah High Waisted Bottoms
BlackStrap Gaiter/Headband
Smartwool Hiking Socks
Smartwool Running Socks
Patagonia Torrentshell Rain Jacket
Patagonia Better Sweater Hoodie
Merrell Alpine Sneaker
Everlane Cheeky Jean
Outdoor Voices Sweatee Tank
Patagonia Women’s Baggies Shorts
Patagonia Ultralight Mini Hip Pack
Teva Original Universal Sandal
Everlane Cotton Cutaway Tank

Swimsuit was gifted. Denim review here

Well guys! That’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope you find this “what to pack for a camping trip” guide useful, and even more so I hope it gives you a shove to try out camping (or reconnect with it if it’s been awhile!).

If you DO go because of this post, circle back and let me know in the comments. AND if you are a regular camper, and I missed anything that you think is a must have when camping, leave a comment letting me know.

Until next time,

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