20 Piece Workout Capsule Wardrobe

Hey friends! Just a quick pop in today to show you what’s in my current 20 piece workout capsule. I had to do a bit of a rejig because:

a.) I had a bunch of stuff completely wear out (I wear my workout gear into the ground), and

b.) I let go of a bunch of things that haven’t fit me since before Kit was born (i.e. hello child birthing hips)

Ever since Gabe was born I’ve been slowly building my workout wardrobe back up, and I’m really happy with where it’s at currently.

I keep things pretty small because I rewear my stuff throughout the week (YES even if it’s sweaty… don’t judge) so I really don’t need a ton.

I like to have a few things that I really love, and I like my stuff to be practical. I have no time for lots of straps or closures or… whatever. I just want to be able to pull things on and go.

But I also want pieces that work really well, and don’t get in the way of my workout.

All of the pieces that I now have are good. They stay in place, they don’t pinch, they’re comfortable.

So yeah! That’s about it for my rambling today. I feel like this post kind of speaks for itself, BUT I will say a couple things about specific pieces that are worth pointing out:

I have a review of the Everlane perform legging here. I like the Everlane leggings for running, and I like the Girlfriend leggings for yoga.

I have a pretty small bust so sometimes when I do yoga I don’t even wear a sports bras (shocking!), and I can get away with light support, even for running. I’ve found a few favorites that do a good job, and I’m sticking to those three. I don’t feel a need to have a large number in rotation.

Pretty much all of the Columbia, Prana, and Patagonia pieces are old so I linked to their updated versions. I can vouch for the older versions, so my guess is any updates done would make them even better.

The Outdoor Voices and Girlfriend pieces are newer, and I’ve become a huge fan of both brands after testing out a variety of their styles.

Finally: I have to use a very specific type of running shoe because I have super flat feet, and am prone to stress fractures/knee and hip pain when running. Mizuno is the brand my Doctor recommended and I’ve had a variation of this style for the last 10 years… they work great! Combined with custom foot inserts I have not had a single stress fracture since I switched to this brand.

Okay that’s it!

Here’s the links to everything in my capsule (or their equal counterparts):

Affiliate Links:

Target Joy Lab Workout Shorts
Smartwool Running Socks
Prana Caselo Short
Prana Layna Short
Prana Pillar Capri Leggings
Prana Momento Crop Top
Prana Becksa Tank
Outdoor Voices Sweatee Tank
Outdoor Voices Relay Shorts
Vuori Energy Top
Everlane Perform Legging
Girlfriend Compressive High Rise Legging
Girlfriend High Rise Bike Short
Columbia Flash Forward Windbreaker
Columbia Solar Shield Hoodie
Columbia Pilsner Peak Hoodie
Patagonia Women’s Baggies Shorts
Free Label White Jaimee Tee
Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoes

I hope you found this look into my 20 piece workout capsule helpful! How do you guys approach your workout gear? Do you need to have a lot of variety to feel motivated? Or are you a practical/fewer pieces kind of person like me? Let me know in the comments!

Also, what’s your favorite type of exercise? I’m pretty strictly a yoga and running only type of girl.

Also, also: if you’re curious about more of my postpartum health routines (including a chat about diastasis recti and how I healed mine), check out my post here.

Until next time,

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