Two New Denim Styles That Will Refresh Your Fall Wardrobe

Hello and happy Monday! The countdown has begun here as our kids are back to school next week! It seems like every other state has already started school, but us colder state people have a very late start to the school year 😁. Lucky us! I’m very ready to get back into the routine of the school year, and we have each of our kids in their own separate activity this year, which may make us a bit crazy, but I think it will help us manage their ADHD to have an even more structured schedule (especially with physical activities included). We shall see (said every parent ever).

But today we’re talking denim as we so often do on this blog. Jeans are such a comfort zone for me, but I feel absolutely no desire to push myself out of that zone. I do however like to do a slight refresh from time to time to keep my jeans looking current because I’m a firm believer that if you have new denim added into the mix, the most basic tops will look just as fresh. With that said, I’m not going crazy here. You won’t find me in horseshoe denim, cargo denim (tried it, didn’t love it), or anything super over the top. I’m still all about the classics and that will never change… but a little refresh in the fit, silhouette, or wash can go a really long way.

So with that said, I partnered up with Madewell for an Instagram post today and I thought I would also share those same denim styles here because their new denim for fall is goooood. It’s been awhile since I bonded with Madewell jeans like I have with these and it has me excited for cooler weather. So here’s my take on two of their new denim styles for fall:

Outfit Details:

outfit was gifted: sweater (s) | jeans (27) | loafers (9)

The first pair that will really update your closet this fall is the 90’s straight jean… and they are exactly that: a very 90’s inspired straight leg jean of perfection. These are very cool girl jeans, but at the same time very wearable. I imagine I’ll mostly wear them with little ballet flats to balance everything out, but they’ll look great with boots as well. Best of all, they’re so comfortable with just enough softness to the material to make them your go to “live in” type of jeans. I did get the 100% cotton version based on persona preference, but they do have a wash with a bit of stretch in it. With the wash I got (Mercer) you’ll want to go a full size up, which is very unusual for Madewell jeans so take note! I’m normally a 26, and the 27 is a perfect fit.

Outfit Details:

outfit was gifted: sweater (M) | jeans (26) | Shirt (M) loafers (9)

These jeans are the perfect style to add to your fall closet! They are the low slung straight jeans and I LOVE these. Don’t let the low slung scare you, if you survived the low rise era of the early 2000’s like I did, I get the trauma you may feel, but these hit right at my belly button on my short torso and for anyone with a long torso they’d likely be on the lower end of a mid rise…

Outfit details:

outfit was gifted: sweater (M) | jeans (26) | Shirt (M) loafers (9)

I also got them in a washed black because I just love the fit of these so much. With the 30” inseam they work great with flats now and they’ll work great with boots later. Plus the legs are slightly baggy without being too exaggerated. The perfect happy medium of you ask me! The material is a nice mid weight cotton and the feel just as nice as some of my much more expensive jeans. In fact, I would say these are pretty similar to the AGOLDE Lana jeans… and owning both, I think I actually prefer these 🫣. If you ask me, I’d say skip the Lana’s and and do these instead!

Are you doing a denim refresh this fall? There are so many new styles of denim that are being released right now that it can feel a bit overwhelming, but I think just 1 or 2 updates with a slightly different fit can go a long way. No need to start from scratch ☺️. Let me know if you try either of these in the comments!

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