What I Wore this Week – Playing with Texture

Hi friends!

Kit started school this week and we are BACK in the swing of things. The twins start preschool next week and it’s going to be so weird once it’s just the baby and me. Kind of looking forward to it. 😆

We had an eventful first day of school for my oldest – she missed her bus stop on the way home and after a couple tearful phone calls to the bus company she was returned to us without even being aware that it had happened ha!

This weekend should be a very relaxing weekend and I’m on board.

Anyway, let’s get to this week’s outfits:

Outfit 1: Dress | Cardigan | Sandals (gifted. get 10% off by clicking on my link) | Bag | Necklace (gifted)

Outfit 2: Linen Set (gifted) | Sandals (gifted) | Bag

Outfit 3: Sweater | Sweater Pants (gifted) | Sandals (gifted. get 10% off by clicking on my link) | Bag

Outfit 4: Tank | Jeans | Sandals | Bag

Outfit 5: Sweater (gifted) | Skirt (gifted) | Sneakers (gifted) | Bag

Outfit 6: Blouse (old Doen) | Jeans (gifted. review here) | Flats | Bag

Outfit 7: Dress | Sneakers | Necklace (gifted. use code HEYKARINEMILY to get 15% off)

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