Pink for Winter

Pink for Winter Details

Senreve Mini Alunna Bag
Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans
J. Crew Trainers
Doen Jacqui Top
Madewell Austwell Quilted Coat

You guys I am so ready for spring (said every person ever)…

I am SO over the cold weather we’re having so I’m staging a bit of a rebellion. Okay sure I’ll still wear a coat, and okay sure it’ll still be a puffer coat, but it’ll be pink dangit!

Because I am ushering spring in with my coat choices. 🙂

I like the idea of bringing a little cheer to a dreary day with a dash of pink for winter weather. These pieces still fit in with my neutral wardrobe, and they almost feel like neutrals but they add just the right amount of brightness and fun.

Oh and just a note about my progressive capsule tally… it was getting a bit long. ? I think what I’ll do is add a final tally at the end of February and we’ll discuss how I did at that point (spoiler: maybe capsules aren’t for me? Ha!)

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