Four Fall Outfits I Can’t Wait to Wear

With labor day over, and fall right around the corner I find myself starting to day dream about cozy fall clothing.

To be honest, I haven’t yearned for fall as much this year as I have in other years and I attribute that 100% to the fact that I’ve been thinking of another due date (9/25!) that’s also just around the corner.

I’ve just been more eager to fit into the other 80% of my closet that I’ve had to ignore for the last 9 months than I have been to wear fall specific clothing.

Still, there is something about those early fall days where you don’t need to massively layer yet whenever you leave the house, that makes for easy, fun dressing. It’s my favorite season to dress for (I know that’s very cliche, but… I don’t care?).

So since I can’t actually fit into anything other than my hubbies tee’s at the moment, I thought it would be fun to share four fall outfits that I’m excited to wear after baby boy makes his appearance.

Enjoy some fall inspiration, and feel free to pin these combos if they scream “GIVE ME A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE STAT!” to you (in case you were wondering, I was imagining that spoken by Billy Eichner).

mott & bow mom jeans, mott & bow cashmere sweater, affordable cashmere, mott & bow striped tee, chunky gold hoops, everlane 90's loafers

Fall Outfit 1 Details:

Mott & Bow Cashmere Raglan Crew in Heather Gray, Size M (gifted)

Mott & Bow Class Crew, Sara in Black Striped, Size S (gifted)

Mott & Bow Mom Jean, Henry in Light/Medium Blue, Size 27 (gifted)

AuRate Short Beam Hoops in Posie Gold (gifted)

Everlane 90’s Loafer in Bone, size 9 (gifted) (no longer available so I linked similar here)

Fall Outfit 2 Details:

Everlane Link Stitch Crew Neck Sweater in Brass, Size M (no longer available, so similar here)

Everlane 90’s Cheeky Straight Jean in Medium Blue, Size 27 (reviewed in my denim guide, and per my recommendations I sized up in the medium blue)

Joy Personalized Dainty Name Necklace

AuRate Infinity Ring in Gold Vermeil (purchased with a PR voucher)

Nisolo Mariella Mules in Sand, Size 9

fall outfits ideas, everlane tread sneakers, glossier lipstick, tradlands utility jumpsuit, everlane cropped cardigan, fall outfits

Fall Outfit 3 Details:

Everlane Texture Cotton Cropped Cardigan in Bone, Size S (gifted) (review here)

Tradlands Finn Jumpsuit in Black Linen Tencel, Size S (gifted) (review here)

TREAD by Everlane Trainer in Off-White, Size 9 (gifted) (no longer available so linked similar here)

Earrings, (no longer available so linked similar here).

fall outfits ideas, everlane day glove, chunky gold hoops, everlane black slip dress, everlane cotton sweater, fall outfit combos

Fall Outfit 4 Details:

Everlane Slip Dress

Everlane Cotton Linen Crew, Size S.

Everlane Day Glove in White, Size 9 (gifted) (review here)

Madewell Chunky Oversized Hoop Earrings in Vintage Gold

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  1. 9.2.19
    Leah Wise said:

    These outfits are dreamy.

    • 9.2.19

      I’ve been seeing ads for Mott & Bow, but haven’t tried them. How do they compare to Everlane?

      SO CLOSE! Excited for you.

      • 9.3.19
        Karin said:

        I would actually compare them more to Tradlands than Everlane. I haven’t tried any of the Everlane cashmere sweaters because I’ve heard mixed reviews on the itchy factor which leads me to believe I should stay away, so I can’t really compare that. I obviously haven’t been able to try on the jeans yet, but they FEEL to be the same quality level as Everlane. But the tee is what really gives me Tradlands vibes. I haven’t loved a ton of Everlane’s tees because the material is too thin for my liking. The Tradland’s tees are much more weighty and substantial and that’s how this tee is as well. I’d maybe start with one of their t-shirts and then go from there? I’ve heard really good things about their skinny jeans though so that might also be a good option!

    • 9.3.19
      Karin said:

      Can’t wait to wear them!!

  2. 9.8.19
    steph said:

    i love, love, love fall dressing and im excited to work on my wardrobe for that season. right now mixing my summer essentials ( with layers and working on stretching out summer as long as i can. how would you rate the comfort level of the everlane tread?

    • 10.3.19
      Karin said:

      I love fall dressing as well! They are super comfy! They are a bit heavier than a running shoe so after 8 or so hours on your feet they do start to get heavy, but for normal walking around they are great!

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