Four 4th of July Outfit Ideas – All Price Points Included!

Happy Friday my friends! I hope you all had a good week, and I hope you’ll have an even better weekend. I am VERY happy to be entering the weekend, and I know my family is too (cause when mama is stressed, everyone’s stressed ha!). 😜

Today I wanted to share 4, 4th of July Outfit ideas with you guys. NOW. My idea of a Holiday outfit is not ever going to be over the top – I’m not a big “in your face” kind of dresser (I’m not judging those who are! I’m just not) so while I do like to dress up for Holidays, I typically keep things pretty subtle.

I feel like there are more people like me out there… right?!

SO anyway, my 4, 4th of July Outfit ideas are pretty subtle… but also not!

Okay enough build up – here are the outfits:

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Sandals were gifted from Madewell. Use code KarinEmily to get $25 off $125 until 7/16

I got this tee dress from Target earlier in the season (see my summer dress roundup here), and it will make the perfect 4th of July outfit! It’s great on it’s own, but throw on a jean jacket once the fireworks start and you’ve got a truly festive outfit ha! I sized up in this dress for just a bit more length so I’m wearing a medium.

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Bag is Polene – Review here

This is definitely my most subtle look, but I figure not everyone is going to be into red so this is for those of you who aren’t. It’s a great way to still look festive while not going overboard. I love gingham for the 4th – not sure why exactly, but it does seem like the print of summer, and there’s nothing more “summer” to me than the 4th. This top is selling out pretty quickly, but I’m wearing an XS.

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Dress and shoes were gifted. Bag is old Hereu

I thought this one was a super fun look! Again, not super over the top but this dress definitely looks very festive AND it’s totally wearable the rest of the summer. I thought it looked super cute styled in a more casual way – this screams BBQ to me… anyone else? I’m wearing a size 4/S in this dress.

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Use code KarinEmily to get $25 off $125 until 7/16 at Madewell

And finally – this skirt is a really fun way to still wear the red clothing, but in a very muted way. You won’t scream 4th of July, but you’ll definitely fit in with the color scheme… and you know what? If you DO want to add a more kitschy element you could totally wear this skirt with a “USA” themed t-shirt and that would be super cute too (Hmmm. I may have just figured out what I’m going to wear ha!).

So there you have it! Those are my 4, 4th of July looks. Are you the type to dress up? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. 6.26.21
    Kate said:

    Would you share your honest opinion on the Madewell sandals in the first look? I have been looking at them online, but several reviewers have said they are uncomfortable and difficult to walk in. I’m a mommy of 3 and definitely need something comfortable and easy!

    • 6.28.21
      Karin said:

      Hi Kate! I personally really like them and don’t find them hard to walk in BUT I have very flat and slightly narrow feet, and I could see how they might be uncomfortable for people who have wider feet or more pronounced arches because the straps are a bit tight, and there’s really no support on the foot bed. I hope that helps!

      • 6.29.21
        Kate said:

        Thank you! I appreciate that!

      • 6.29.21
        Kate said:

        Super helpful. Thank you! I have been enjoying your blog so much since I found it recently. Love your style and your positive vibes.

        • 6.30.21
          Karin said:

          Thank you Katie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog!

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