Athleisure Looks: My Warm Weather Formulas that are Comfy AND Cute

And we’re officially halfway through this week (which of course means we’re talking athleisure looks ha!)! I feel like I say this every week… but it has been a WEEK. One of the things I’m really working on right now is letting go of “hurry,” and to be honest? The first part of this week I did not succeed at that goal. But, I’m using the half way point to “pivot” (in the words of Ross) and refocus on my desire to rest.

Anyone else feeling a desire to hurry less?

Anyway, I’ve had some people ask about what types of athleisure looks I like to wear. I’m one of those people who truly does enjoy “dressing up” every day, BUT there are some days where I can’t be bothered with anything other than bike shorts or joggers… we’ve all been there so I know you know.

But even when I’m wearing the comfy clothes, I do still like to look and feel cute so I thought I’d share my 3 athleisure “formulas” for warm weather.

Formula 1: long tee and bike shorts

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The bag was a gift from Abby Alley. Use code KARIN to get 15% off your order.

A long tee and bike shorts is my go to for athleisure, and it’s what I reach for 90% of the time when I want to feel cute in workout clothes. The only bike shorts I’ve found that I REALLY like are the align shorts from Lululemon (that’s probably not surprising to anyone who has read my thoughts on the align leggings here or here. 😉 Definitely size up in the shorts though because otherwise they do cut in at your thighs. I wear a 4 in the leggings, but I wear a 6 in the shorts. I just love the way bike shorts look paired with a longer tee and a pair of chunky sandals, and it’s the ultimate easy outfit when you throw on a sling bag like this one from Abby Alley.

Formula 2: t-shirt and joggers

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Sunglasses were gifted. Tee and sandals are also from Madewell, and if you use code KarinEmily now through July 14th 2021 you’ll get $25 off your order of $125.

You guys know how much I love these joggers! They are just the perfect hybrid of looking like you’re wearing a jogger, but feeling like you’re wearing a legging. In fact to all the “leggings aren’t pants” haters… hint: try these. 😉 They can look very sporty, but they also can look more dressed up with a cute pair of heels and a nice bag. I love clothes like that in my wardrobe! They’re so versatile! I wear a small in these.

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Formula 3: t-shirt and workout shorts

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Tee is from Madewell, and if you use code KarinEmily now through July 14th 2021 you’ll get $25 off your order of $125

This is definitely the most casual look I’m sharing, but there are some days when all you can manage is a comfy pair of shorts. These running shorts from Old Navy are my favorites and they have been for several years in a row now. The length is perfect, they’re very lightweight, and the dolphin hem is really flattering! I wear them for running too sometimes. 😉 I think these can still look pretty cool with a chunky pair of flip flops, and a big pair of statement sunglasses.

And those are the 3 formulas for my warm weather go-to athleisure looks! What formulas do you guys have? Are you a bike short, jogger, or workout short fan? Let me know in the comments!

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