Recent Summer Looks from Madewell + An Exclusive Discount Code

Summer Looks from Madewell today friends!

We spent the morning at the zoo which was equal parts fun equal parts stressful ha! Gabe adds a WHOLE new element to our outings ?.

But enough about our morning because… I’ve got an exciting discount code for you guys today! You guys love Madewell as much as I do ha! And to show their appreciation to our little fashion loving community they decided to give us an exclusive discount code… yay! I’m going to share some recent summer looks from Madewell I have especially been loving and then I’ll share the discount code so keep scrolling!

Look 1 | Look 2 | Look 3 | Look 4 | Look 5 | Look 6 | Look 7 | Look 8 | Look 9 | Look 10 | Look 11 | Look 12

Madewell pieces featured

OKAY LET’S GET TO THE DISCOUNT CODE YAY! If you use code KarinEmily (it’s case sensitive) at checkout you’ll get $25 off your purchase of $125+. The code is active until July 14th! Just make sure you’re signed into your Insider account otherwise it may not work (it’s free to sign up!) They’ve got lots of new styles on the website today so make sure to check it out! I’m also linking my Madewell Denim Guide here in case you’re in the market for some jeans!

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