Black Jumpsuit: 3 Ways to Style One for Now and Later

Happy Monday my friends. Do you ever have one of those days where you’re just not sure how you’re feeling? Like you’re in an in between space where things aren’t bad, but they’re also not good… I’m having one of those days. I have these days every now and then, and they typically indicate a need to pull back and rest. Which makes sense because our days have been so incredibly busy.

I’m kind of surprised by HOW busy our summer has been so far. I knew we’d have quite a few family obligations this summer, but they have added up so quickly and left me wondering how we’re already in August with school starting in just a few weeks.

But I’m making a pledge right now you guys! I’m making a pledge to have a slow fall. Fewer trips, more apple orchards, leaf piles, and cozy family game nights (I realize how idyllic that sounds – and how hard it is to actually experience that ideal). I think I’m just ready for a season of Hygge. Anyone else?

Anyway, one thing I’m doing to get my creative juices flowing and build up my anticipation for a cozier season is to take my favorite pieces of clothes and play around with how I’m going to style them for fall. I feel like there is going to be a shift in my style for fall this year – last year I got caught up in “ideal” dressing… i.e. dressing for the ideal life instead of dressing for my real life. It gets COLD here where I live, and I can’t be wearing the same things that my Texas friends are wearing when January rolls around so I’m determined to find ways to dress cozy and warm and still feel cute.

This black jumpsuit is the perfect example of something that’s cozy (maybe not so warm), and it’s made even better with some really warm layers and a cup of chai. 😉 And when it gets really cold I’ll just swap out my sandals for my fur lined Birkenstocks.

I love this black jumpsuit SO much that I decided to share 3 ways I’m planning on styling it as we transition into the cool, crisp early days of fall:

3 Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit

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Sizing info: jumpsuit – small, sandals – TTS. Style is Gemma. Colorway is Sunkissed

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How I’m styling the jumpsuit now:

minimal styling because the jumpsuit shines on its own. It’s actually from the pajama section, but I wear it for real life… and I’m not at all uncomfortable with that idea because it’s so soft and comfortable. I don’t personally wear a bras with it because the top portion is double lined, but if you’re not comfortable going braless you could wear a strapless bras underneath easily. I love pairing it with minimal accessories in a contrasting color + extra texture from the sherpa bag. I can’t get enough of this combo!

3 Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit

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Sizing Info: Shoes – run a half size small. Cashmere Cardigan – Small. Shoes are almost sold out so I linked similar

How I’ll be styling the jumpsuit for early fall:

Easy. A simple (but incredibly cozy) cashmere cardigan is really all it takes to make this a cozy and warm outfit. I’ll wear sandals as long as I can, but as it gets even colder I’ll add a pair of sneakers instead. Again, I love the contrasting color paired with the black, and the texture from the bag, sweater, and sandals make it really interesting. Can’t wait for it to be cool enough to reach for this one!

3 Ways to Wear a Black Jumpsuit

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Sizing Info: Jacket – 2/4 (gifted). Mules – TTS. Bag (gifted. You can see a review of their linen bags here)

How I’ll be styling the jumpsuit for late fall:

In the coziest way possible ha! I love the jumpsuit paired with a classic green jacket like this one and a pair of more trendy sherpa mules. This look is VERY fall to me and I’m excited to get some use out of this combo in a few months.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! Who else has had a busy summer? Are you happy to be busy or are you looking for a slow down like me? Let me know in the comments!

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