Winter Capsule Wardrobe Outfits 12-14: Weekend Looks

Outfit Details

Top: wearing an XS in the cardigan, a small in the bodysuit (gifted) and a 26 in the jeans
Middle: wearing a small in the coat (gifted), small in the sweater, and a 26 in the jeans
Bottom: wearing an XS in the coat, small in the sweatshirt (gifted), 4 in the leggings, and a 40 in the sneakers (run small so size up). Hat was gifted

Our weekend started out SO good you guys! Friday was a cozy dinner and then subsequent trip to our local craft store to pick up Valentine’s day supplies.

Saturday morning we made said Valentine’s…

and Saturday evening it was throw up central at our house.

How?? Why?? ??

I think I can handle a lot of things (okay that’s not true I’m a total baby), but I can NOT handle throw up. It makes ME gag and want to be sick. David usually cleans it up for me (bless his soul), but there was so much that it had to be a team effort.

Okay I know this is gross, and I apologize to anyone who I am offending with this story, but this is where we’re at OK?

Yesterday, I brought Ella in for a drive up COVID test because she was the first to display symptoms and she fought that cotton swab like her life depended on it. I was only able to do a partial nose swab in one nostril so my fingers are crossed that they got enough (the kind lady who was looking at me like she’s never seen a child turn into a rabid animal before told me it should be fine).

Safe to say, my plans for the weekend did not come to fruition. Safe to also say, the second outfit so cheekily displayed in the photos above only happened for about 2 minutes. But I figured you’d rather see that outfit than the joggers that may or may not have had a bit of puke on them that went unseen by me until bedtime.

I know. I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say. I’ll do a better intro next time.

I had grand plans to put together some weekend looks that did not include a sweat suit…

I did get as far as putting something on each day long enough for a mirror selfie, but by Sunday I was only interested in a cozy sweatshirt and leggings. Good thing too because I’m much more able to wrestle a rabid animal whilst wearing leggings.

But I digress.

Here’s to hoping the rest of the week goes up instead of down.

And before we leave this train wreck, let’s do a quick tally of what I’ve worn so far for my progressive winter capsule wardrobe:

  1. Old J. Crew Camel sweater coat
  2. Agolde Riley Distressed Jeans
  3. Veja Venturi Sneakers x2
  4. Babaa Cardigan no23
  5. Everlane Breton Stripe Tee
  6. Everlane Washed Black 90’s Cheeky Jeans
  7. Black High Top Converse x3
  8. Banana Republic Green Cropped Puffer Coat
  9. Madewell ribbed long sleeve tee
  10. Agolde Washed Black 90’s Jeans
  11. Girlfriend Black Puffer Coat
  12. Everlane Cloud Turtleneck (color is old)
  13. Alo Yoga Gravel Leggings
  14. Knotty Ones Cable Knit Sweater
  15. Levi’s Wedgie Icon Jeans
  16. Banana Republic Striped Sweater
  17. Old Everlane Ballet Flats
  18. Old Everlane Trench Coat
  19. Reformation Cashmere Sweater 
  20. Everlane white 90’s cheeky jeans
  21. Converse off white sneakers
  22. Grey State Apparel henley tee
  23. Lattelier store green puffer coat
  24. Alo Yoga Dark Olive Leggings
  25. Old J. Crew Breton Stripe Half Zip Sweater
  26. Agolde pinch waist straight leg jeans
  27. Ba&sh wide leg jeans
  28. Tradlands striped long sleeve tee
  29. Ozma Cardigan
  30. Agolde Riley Jeans
  31. J. Crew Sneakers
  32. Old J. Crew long sleeve tee
  33. Madewell bodysuit
  34. Jenni Kayne cable knit cocoon cardigan
  35. Everlane way high jeans
  36. Sezane hooded sweater
  37. AYR wide leg jeans
  38. Madewell plaid coat
  39. Everlane striped sweatshirt
  40. Black Lululemon Align leggings

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  1. 2.7.22
    Kelly said:

    Hope everyone feels better quickly!! It’s definitely the worst.

    • 2.8.22
      Karin said:

      Thank you Kelly! We seem to have turned a corner now. Fingers crossed!

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