Transitional Sweaters that Will Take you from Now Into Fall

Oh man you guys (I just sat there and debated whether I should start with oh boy or oh man for at least a minute… so that’s the frame of mind I’m in today 😉). I’m writing this on Tuesday and I meant to get it up yesterday, but we ended up with an impromptu trip to Urgent Care yesterday afternoon after a fall down the stairs. Poor little Gabe ended up with the fattest little lip, but thankfully no stitches… but BOY do those lip injuries bleed. My entryway rug will sadly never recover, but I’m happy to sacrifice it knowing all Gabe ended up with was a puffy lip.

Anyway. My blog writing time was obviously thrown out the window… as was Ella’s last ballet class of the summer, but she bore the disappointment like a champ. So today we’ll talk about cozy sweaters while I cuddle a slightly (slightly) more subdued Gabe next to me.

As Gabe and I always say: deal? Double deal.

This post was made possible by my ongoing affiliate relationship with J. Crew and all J. Crew items were gifted. Thanks to J. Crew for always being such a great supporter of my blog and our community!

Karin Emily takes a mirror selfie in her room while wear a white cable knit cardigan sweater and white pull on linen shorts from J. Crew

Outfit Details:

This cardigan is us in a cardigan ha! It’s what I like, it’s what you like: white, cable knit, and oversized 😉… literally can’t go wrong. J. Crew is so good at the classics and this is just no different. It gives off 90’s vibes, but it also gives off coastal California vibes, but also… preppy vibes? And that’s the beauty of a truly versatile piece. It becomes what you make it, while still remaining so classic that even if your style evolves this cardigan will stick with you through it all. One thing of note: I love that it’s a bright white color and not an ivory or oatmeal. You don’t often see cable knit cardigans in a white like this and I think it makes it so fresh. I got my true size small, but if I’m being perfectly honest I wish I would have gone up another size (which I usually do in sweaters), but of course that’s just personal preference as I like my sweaters very oversized.

Karin Emily takes a mirror selfie in her room while wearing a camel colored lady cardigan and white pull on linen shorts from J. Crew

Outfit Details:

I already have this cardigan in black and I very rarely get things in two colors so you know it must be good! But seriously I’ve tried several of these types of cardigans (that are popular with other bloggers) from other retailers and they all went back because these are the just the absolute best. Best in terms of quality, fit, and just the overall simplicity of the design. In my opinion too many embellishments (especially gold ones) start to make a piece look cheap… no matter how expensive it actually is. This style hits the perfect balance with the simple gold buttons and nothing else. I also like that they are a bit more on the cropped side without being so cropped. The length works for most torsos depending on what rise of Jean or pant you’re wearing them with. These I do stick to my true size with because they’re meant to look tailored and smart… oh and did I mention they come in a ton of different colors including a stripe I’ve had a hard time resisting (I’m trying to make smarter choices remember? 😏)

Karin Emily takes a mirror selfie in her room while wearing a navy striped sweater and white pull on linen shorts from J. Crew

Outfit Details:

Speaking of stripes, is there anything more classic than a cotton roll neck from J. Crew… in a navy stripe? This is my dream sweater, it’s everything I could hope for and yes… I realize I’m being dramatic, but I love cozy sweaters and I love navy stripes so let’s just be a bit dramatic for a second okay? Truly though, this is not my first cotton roll neck from J. Crew (my first was vintage from Goodwill I picked up in College), and they truly are the epitome of easy dressing. Slouchy, cozy, soft, I always buy mine a couple sizes too big (this is a large) to really lean into that vibe. If you can’t do wool, these are the sweaters to go for because they have weight to them. Pair them with a long sleeve tee in winter and you’ll stay nice and warm, but wear them on their own now and you’ve got a great layering piece for chilly evenings.

I’m sorry if this post was a tease for you guys, I know it’s only July so it might be a bit premature to be talking about sweaters, but hey… I saw pumpkin spice Special K in the cereal aisle so fair game right? 😉 Plus, all three of these sweaters are great transitional sweaters that you can wear now as needed that will also incorporate into your fall wardrobes seamlessly. What do you think? Are you as much of a J. Crew sweater girly as I am?

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