Going on a Hike in Warm Weather? Here’s What You Want to Wear

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Sizing notes: wearing a small in both pieces

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We’ve been doing a lot of hiking this summer… which is kind of a small miracle actually. Our family has historically struggled with outdoor activities due to certain children not loving the… outdoors 😂. Funny how sometimes the apple falls really far from the apple tree isn’t it? But a lot of that has changed over the past year which means we have been doing all of the hiking, and it has filled my heart right on up. There are so many beautiful places here in the Twin Cities to get in a good hike (let me know if you want that blog post!), but one thing that can be a bit tricky is knowing what to wear when it’s hot out, but the… state bird makes it’s appearance (mosquitos. I’m talking about mosquitos).

Enter this set from NEIWAI. It’s perfect for hiking this summer because it’s super lightweight so you won’t overheat in it, but the longer sleeves on the jacket offer protection from mosquitos and the sun (the fabric is sun resistant!). But it’s also a thin enough material that you can easily roll up your sleeves or tie it around your waist if you get too hot. I also like the cropped length because it eliminates any unnecessary extra material that adds extra warmth or bulk (you can cinch in the waist or leave it open for for more air flow).

The shorts are perfect for hiking as well. A great length – long enough to give you coverage, but not so long that they snag on bushes and there’s lots of room for air flow or a pair of bike shorts underneath. The extra big and deep pockets are also great because it means no extra bags are necessary and you have lots of space to keep all the little treasures your kids gift to you along the way. The set is also water repellent so it’s great for if you get caught in a little rain shower as well (this would also make a great weekend boating outfit, or would be great if you like to canoe/kayak/paddle board).

This was my first introduction into NEIWAI and I will definitely be adding them to my arsenal in the future when I need to make an active where purchase! Definitely check out their offerings because they have a line of activewear with a “mousse” fabric, and well… enough said.

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