The Fall Maxi Dress: Fall Capsule Wardrobe ’21 Outfit 1

Welcome to my first fall capsule wardrobe outfit for 2021! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite things to wear: the fall maxi dress! Thanks for your patience last week with my lack of posting – I very last minute decided to take a week off because the house projects had piled so high that I had no choice but to spend a week focusing entirely on those things. I got a lot done so the load is feeling much lightened. David and I are going through a season where we’re feeling a strong pull to minimize our life as much as possible – clothes, personal belongings, toys, schedules… everything. I was listening to the Frugal Friends podcast recently and they presented simple living as getting rid of anything that’s unnecessarily difficult (or stressful, or draining, etc.). That really resonated with me because, as a mom (and also just human being), I can’t just get rid of all the difficult things from my life (ha!), but I CAN get rid of things that are UNNECESSARILY difficult. So that’s what we’re doing, and last week was very busy with listing things on Poshmark, and selling things on Marketplace. I’m starting this week feeling much lighter, and energized to keep on with our mission to downsize.

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My backpack | Jewelry was gifted. Necklace Charm here, huggie earrings here

Capsule categories: a fall maxi dress and high top sneakers (or fashion sneakers)

And here’s the first outfit of my fall capsule! My hope is to share daily outfits with you Monday through Friday, but they will be one day behind (so this is what I wore yesterday). I was originally going to work my way through the 30 days of outfits I shared with you guys in my fall capsule reveal post, but I’m realizing I like the flexibility of being able to be spontaneous in my outfit selections so if you are following along you can either go through the list I provided OR you can just check in here every morning and do some version of what I’m wearing.

The weather has truly been all over the place here, but we’re still having plenty of warm days… yesterday it was warm with a cold breeze (confusing I know!) so I settled on a long sleeve maxi dress. This style of maxi dress is one I have reached for year after year… its such a classic and it’ll never go out of style! I don’t always love such a form fitted maxi dress, but this one is so silky soft and it’s stretchy enough to be really comfortable – but I also really love the ribbed detail and the side slit (a side slit is an essential for me in this kind of dress otherwise it’s too hard to walk ha!). It’s the kind of dress that’s versatile enough to work really well in a capsule wardrobe because you can make it super casual like I did here with a pair of sneakers, but it would look really cute with a pair of heels, flats, booties, or even knee high boots. Plus the color palette on the dress allows it to work with black, brown, cream, bright colors… whatever accent color you want! Oh! and a little tip for these kinds of dresses: I always size up to give myself a little room in the midsection. I feel more confident when they don’t cling so tightly.

K. that’s all I’ve got for today! My parents are coming in town today to celebrate Gabe’s birthday so we’ve got lots to look forward to today. I hope you have something special you’re looking forward to as well!

See you tomorrow,


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