New in at Madewell – Cold Weather Picks I Can’t Stop Wearing

You guys! I just looked at the calendar and realized just how close Christmas is! I’m actually feeling pretty ready this year though. I usually shop online for gifts, but this year I switched to a day of shopping for presents in some local stores here and you know what? It was a lot more efficient and I was way more successful in finding presents the kids will actually really love and use. Win win! It’s been so cold here lately though so I’ll admit that it’s hard to leave the house and go anywhere when all I want is to just stay at home under a warm blanket in my pajamas ha! I guess in that regard online shopping is kind of handy. 😉 With that being said, I did find some really great cold weather new in at Madewell picks this month that are cute, but also warm so if I am going to go out and do Christmas shopping, at least I can be warm right? I’m actually really excited to share these pieces with you today because they’re some of my favorite pieces I’ve tried in a good long while, and I’ve worn them non stop since getting them in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks to Madewell for sponsoring this post! You guys know that I’ve been a long time fan of Madewell, and it’s been such a pleasure to work with them on a more official basis these past 6 months.

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This olive green puffer coat with a sherpa lining is actually reversible which I love! I always love getting more bang for my buck, but it also means the coat is really warm because you have the double layers. I also just love having this color in my outerwear rotation as I think it adds a bit of ruggedness to my outfits. The jacket runs true to size – I got a size small.

The fair isle sweater is SO warm and cuddly! I’ve been on the hunt for a fair isle and this one is just perfect. I love the length (you don’t have to tuck it in for it to sit well), the turtleneck isn’t too restricting, and the fair isle print is just right – not too crazy, but also not too subtle. I got my true size in a small.

Okay let’s talk about these jeans. These are the instacozy perfect vintage jeans, and they are genius! The denim is woven with a bit of wool so they keep you warmer than a regular pair of jeans… but they don’t feel too hot when you’re inside either. And I didn’t notice any itchiness at all! I am SO happy to have these to wear this winter. I got the same size I always do in this style – a 25. I size down because they do stretch out a bit.

And finally these boots. I love how romantic and classic these boots are! I love them in an outfit like this, but I also think they’ll look so great with a pair of tights and a dress. I like how minimal the design is as well with no colored stitching or contrasting colors – it keeps them feeling timeless and it’s a design that will never go out of style! They are pretty comfortable right out of the gate, but you will need to wear thick socks the first couple of wears until the leather at the top of the ankle shaft softens up a bit (it took 3 wears for me). I got my true size and they fit great even with socks!

Okay that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! Did you love these Madewell picks as much as I do? And are you as amazed by those jeans as I am? Ha! I hope you have a great rest of your week! I’ll see you on Friday with my weekly newsletter.

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