Three New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas – Simple, Classic Looks

Happy Friday my friends, and welcome to my last blog post of the year! I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off from blogging/social media to enjoy the Holiday season and just to hit reset. Lately I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with all there is to get done, plus feeling the familiar emotional toll I experience every year with memories of my last few week’s of pregnancy with the twins and their early birth… something I am actively working through, but still weighs heavy on me just the same. Sometimes I dream of earlier days where life looked much rosier than it does now, but I would not trade any of the hardships over the last four years for a life without my feisty bundles. ANYWAY, that was kind of a dark way to start a festive blog post ha! Not exactly what I intended, but word vomit and what not. What I DO want to share with you all today is 3 New Year’s Eve outfit ideas that are not over the top, out of control, or completely unrealistic for real life.

I’m not trying to throw shade on anyone else in my profession, but I do have to wonder how many sequin items one must own in order to create a festive look? I mean, I admit I do have a sequin skirt in this roundup so maybe I’m guilty as well, but my point being: these are all outfits you could also wear to another event so they don’t require one off pieces you’ll wear one time on New Year’s Eve or that you’ll pull out only on New Year’s Eve. I, admittedly, am not ever the most festive person at a party, but I don’t mind. I’ll always choose favorite pieces that I know and trust over something I hurriedly bought to fill such a niche need.

So with all that said, these are three go to formulas I pull out when I have a party to attend, and they are all three outfits I would be happy to wear on New Year’s Eve!

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Shoes are old from J. Crew

Sizing notes: sweater – small | skirt – XS

This is most likely what I’ll wear this year if we do have some sort of party to attend (nothing scheduled at the moment!), I love the warmth of the monochrome camel, the texture of the materials, and the level of chic that I feel when I wear this. I should probably wear tights with this, and if it’s super duper cold I probably will, but I’m willing to freeze for the sake of a good outfit ha! Okay, not typically, but for one night only I will. There really is nothing better though than a good oversized sweater/slinky skirt combo.

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Heels and coat were gifted

Sizing notes: dress – small | coat – XS | heels – TTS

Ok. I’ll admit I did buy this dress recently, but I didn’t buy it for New Year’s Eve actually ha! I have never found a wedding guest dress that I truly love, and this one is perfection. It’s perfect for warm and cold weather and the gold color makes it really different! It also happens to be an excellent choice for New Year’s Eve – it’s still a bit glitzy without being over the top in your face like a lot of sequins are. I also love a good pair of statement earrings. It’s amazing how dressed up an outfit can become when you add a fun pair of earrings. I found these beaded bows at a local boutique, but I was able to find an almost identical pair on Etsy which I linked above!

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My bag is from Polene | skirt and jacket were gifted

Sizing notes: top – small | skirt – XS | heels – TTS

This is a really basic look, but the skirt does take it to the next level so I guess I can admit that sequins have their place too. I do like that the fit and color are very classic so it doesn’t feel like too much. And I think it really shines when paired with basic pieces like this ribbed black tee and the suede heels. My motto has always been: when in doubt, wear all black and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Well that’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you have wonderful holiday memories over the next few weeks, and I hope that your schedules are emptied, your homes are filled, and your grins are plentiful. Okay that was cheesy… 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!


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