My Favorite Cashmere for Cold Weather + How to Style It

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It’s Friday, yay! I know, I know… that was annoying. But this week was looong with a million dentist and Dr. appointments and I’m tired. I need a lazy day and a chance to recuperate a bit 😁. It’s supposed to be humid and HOT here tomorrow so I’m thinking a trip to the beach is in order and since that’s pretty much my favorite place ever I can motivate myself enough to get us out the door ha! Honestly though these last few days of summer seem to be speeding by and while I am ready to get back into our routine and get a wave of cooler weather I’m also not ready to let go of these golden mornings and evenings and the sound of the kids giggling through the screen door. Having them home makes life SO messy and chaotic sometimes, but the sweet moments in between have me already missing them.

Okay wow. I did not see myself going in that direction… I think the topic of today’s post has me me thinking about how we’ll be wearing cozy cashmere soon and how another summer is ending… and well you got all my mama feelings. 😉 But we are talking about cashmere, because not all cashmere is created equal so I wanted to share the best that I’ve found (at a reasonable price point). Cashmere is definitely one of those things where you get what you pay for. If you are buying a super cheap cashmere sweater it’s… going to feel like a super cheap cashmere sweater. It will be itchy, thin, and it will wear out super fast. Expensive cashmere tends to feel like a cloud… so incredibly soft to the touch and unbelievably cozy. Jenni Kanye and Vince are two brands that I can think of that make cashmere like this… but the price tag is incredibly hefty. Then there’s middle of the line cashmere… it usually runs around $100-$150 and it can be really hit or miss. Everlane is a brand that I think of in this price range and honestly I find their cashmere to be pretty itchy and not really that soft… which may not be a popular opinion! In my experience, the BEST cashmere for price point and for quality is J. Crew.

Their cashmere is much softer than Everlane’s and it is pretty dang close to Jenni Kanye’s. It’s really, really soft, the weave is nice and tight and it hardly pills at all. The cardigan I’m wearing here is new, but I have several of their classic pullovers and they have held up incredibly well. I also find that their cashmere has a nice weight to it, it’s not super thin, but it’s still a lighter material like you typically think of with classic cashmere sweaters. You honestly can’t go wrong with J. Crew Cashmere, although if you’re going for that more laid back look, I do suggest sizing up one or two sizes. I got a medium in the cardigan here and I size up to a large in my classic crewnecks (I normally wear a small in tops).

Have you found a brand of cashmere that you love? Have you tried J. Crew cashmere? Let me know in the comments!

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