August Capsule Wardrobe 2023 + 30 Outfit Ideas

Summer capsule wardrobe

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Well hello there friends! It’s August (how??) and I have a new capsule for you guys! As you can see it’s not that different from my July capsule, just a few tweaks here and there based off of what I actually wore and what I didn’t.

And this is part of the reason why I still made my monthly capsules a full size capsule (around 30ish items)… I’m doing this for more than just the novelty of having a capsule. I’m gathering data for myself on what I’m actually wearing, how much I actually need in my closet, what pieces I miss when they’re packed away, etc. Over time, as I collect this data I can let go of what’s not serving me and I can tighten up my closet so it’s even smaller and only contains things that are truly serving me. That’s my goal anyway. We’ve done a really good job at minimizing our possessions in other areas (except for the girls’ room and the and the garage ha!), but my wardrobe is one area I really want to tackle for the rest of this year.

Anyway, back to what I chose: I swapped in some more pants and denim, another longer skirt, added in a more athletic pair of sneakers and added in a bit more variety in my tops. Nothing huge, but just enough that I think I’ll be a bit more prepared for whatever life and the weather throws at me. Now, just like before I put together 30 outfit ideas for you guys just in case you want to follow along and you want some ideas! Here you go:

What do you think? Have I convinced you to do a capsule yet? Do you already do one? Let me know!

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