The One with the Actual Capsule Wardrobe

Okay, okay, okay I’ve teased it enough. I am ACTUALLY going to share my July Capsule Wardrobe with you guys today… and yes I realize it’s the 11th so technically that means I’m sharing it almost halfway through the month. But we’re letting go of perfection and living in the grey areas which means that sometimes we allow things to be a bit messy right? I mean, no one will die if I share my capsule wardrobe on the 11th instead of the 1st (at least I sincerely hope not).

Before I show you guys my capsule I wanted to share a few thoughts about it. First, I put very little thought into what I included in it… all I knew is that I was craving really simple outfits so I kept out all of my basics and a few things to spruce up the old fits once in a while and really just kept it at that. I don’t really care if I regret that decision because it’s only a month so it’s very low commitment. I did keep out a few sweaters to have on hand just in case, but July in Minnesota is humid and hot so I don’t think I’ll use them much so I only reserved one spot for them. Similarly with the one loungewear set and 2 activewear outfits I kept out. I don’t typically wear those past my morning workouts so again, I didn’t include them BUT I did pare down those categories as well.

My goal is not to prove anything to myself, we have just been in a season of life (and the hits just keep on coming) and I desperately need to reduce my mental strain… this is one area I know that I can. I’ve also just grown really apathetic to my style because of the stress I’m under so I’m hoping this can help rekindle some joy in something I really do enjoy.

SOOO with all of that said, here’s my July Capsule:

a collage of a warm weather summer capsule wardrobe

So like I said above, and like you can see it’s a very basic capsule wardrobe, which I know isn’t exactly groundbreaking. But as they say: “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!” Everything is very mix and match, but I did try to play up some textures and fabrics so it would feel fresh no matter how I styled things… but again I truly didn’t think too hard about it when I put it together… I kind of just let my gut instincts take over. Now, to make things even more helpful for myself (and hopefully for you guys too!) I went into Canva and pulled together 30 outfit ideas with the pieces from my capsule so that I can just look at my capsule folder on my phone in the morning, choose an outfit, and be done with it. Here they are:

Shop My Capsule:

The black tank dress is from here and the platform fisherman sandals are here

And that’s really all I have to show you today (I say that after bombarding you with a really long post). I don’t know if any of you are considering doing a capsule wardrobe as well, but if you are I hope you found this helpful! Or maybe you are like me and just need a bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing again. 🙂 Don’t forget to pin this and save it for later if you’re thinking about doing this in the future! Love you guys.

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  1. 7.13.23
    Tara Rasmus said:

    In love with this capsule!! Totally stealing all of these outfit ideas!!

    • 7.13.23
      Karin said:

      Yay! Glad you like it! And we can be Twinsies!!

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