A Sequin Skirt and a Red Sweater: 2 Holiday Looks from J. Crew

Happy Friday friends! We’re officially in Holiday season and that means… lots of festive clothing. 🙂 While last year I was all about the Christmas pajamas, this year I’m feeling much more excited to get dressed up in traditional Holiday clothes like a sequin skirt or a red sweater… anyone else feel that way? I’m just feeling very festive this year and can’t wait to celebrate with family and in cute clothes. 🙂

While I’m excited to celebrate with festive clothing, I’m not into the idea of buying something really cheesy or cheaply made just to have something shiny or colorful to wear for one day. I’d much rather choose something in a more timeless silhouette that’s well made so I can pull it out year after year and still look stylish and classy in the process.

J. Crew has always been my go to for pieces like that: timeless silhouettes, stylish and classy pieces, but in fun holiday themes. I’ve got the best sequin skirt to show you, and the softest red cashmere sweater. Both are pieces I can wear at the Holidays, but also on other occasions because neither is cheesy or too themed… so let me show you my new Holiday pieces from J. Crew!

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Sizing notes: sweater – small | sherpa coat – small | denim – 26 (TTS) | heels – TTS

I absolutely adore this combo for the Holiday season… it’s comfy, it’s casually cool and you still look really chic. Plus it’s festive, but if I wore this in March no one would bat an eye. I like having clothes that work for festive occasions, but that aren’t boxed into special occasions… and this outfit is exactly that. This is most likely what I will wear to our Christmas Eve church service – during the day while we’re celebrating at home I can wear the sweater and jeans base with a cozy pair of slippers, and then change into the heels and sherpa coat when it’s time to go. Perfection! The sweater is so soft and cozy so it’s perfect for at home, and the heels are comfy and easy to walk in so I won’t have to be worrying about how uncomfortable I am while out.

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Sizing notes: sweater – small | skirt – XS (runs big) | Boots – TTS

And this outfit is so fun right? It’s the perfect festive/classy combo and I absolutely love the skirt. This is most likely what I’ll wear on New Year’s Eve. Where I’m at, it’s cold in late December/early January so a short little sequin dress is just not going to cut it. This is perfect! I can wear a pair of black sheer tights underneath with this perfect pair of black heeled boots and I still look really festive/chic, but I’m also warm. I also love that it’s an all black outfit (my go to for dressier occassions), but the texture of the knit, the satin of the bag, and the sequins on the skirt makes it a really interesting combination (i.e. anything but boring!).

Well that’s all I have for you guys today! Are you also excited to dress up for the Holidays this year? Which outfit would you wear? Let me know in the comments!

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