The Faux Leather Legging: Fall Capsule Wardrobe ’21 Outfit 5

Haaaaappy Friday friends! Who else is ready for the weekend?? Can you tell that I am? 😉 I reached for my faux leather leggings and that’s always my tell that I’m ready for a break ha! We have had just the craziest busy week with my parents in town and I’m already dreaming about the moment my head hits the pillow tonight. Sometimes these early days of Fall can end up being SO overly busy because there are so many fun things to do and they all have to happen within a short amount of time (i.e. pumpkin patches, apple orchards, etc.).

I’m still chasing that balance of doing those fun things, but finding lots of time for rest. But lately I’ve been more at peace with the fact that I haven’t found that balance yet. Sometimes you just have to let life be life. It’s okay if things aren’t perfectly balanced all of the time, and putting pressure on yourself to have that perfected schedule can sometimes be the thing that makes life stressful (🤦‍♀️).

Anyway. Faux leather leggings were all I could manage and YAY for the weekend.

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Bag is from Polene | My sweatshirt is an older style from Free People so I linked to a newer style as well

Capsule Categories: A sweatshirt, faux leather leggings, and comfy sneakers

I did a review of these faux leather leggings + shared three “fancier” ways of wearing them for fall in this post

If you end up recreating this outfit (or any of the outfits from my fall capsule make sure to tag me on Instagram! And I hope you all have the best weekend – don’t overthink the balance of rest and busyness you may find yourself in the midst of. 🙂

See you next week!

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