The Best Baggy Jeans of 2023 and They’re on Sale!

Happy Tuesday my friends! It’s been a bit since I posted on here. I tried to upload something for you guys last Friday, but my website had other plans so I took that as a sign that some R&R was in order. 🙃 My parents were in town last year and they’re both little energized bunnies and they wore me out ha! So some extra rest time was not unwelcome. We’ve also been working on getting one of my daughters adjusted to taking a medication at school with one of the side effect being tiredness, and… it’s been a rocky adjustment. I’ve had lots of calls from the nurse telling me she’s deeply asleep in her office. Sigh. I’d love to get that one figured out because it’s taking up a huge amount of mental real estate for me at the moment. I want her to thrive at school, but I also kind of want her to be awake for it! 😛.

Anyway, last week was a WEEK. Hoping things take a turn upwards soon, but until they do we’re going to talk about baggy jeans because it’s LIGHT and fun and it makes us forget about the tough stuff for just a moment right? 😉

I randomly had a pretty deep conversation with an older lady I’d never met before who flagged me down in the parking lot the other day to ask me where I got my jeans from. We basically talked about how fashion can seem silly on the surface, but in reality it can be something that unites people in a way that’s lighthearted and sometimes you need the balance of connection with others that includes deep and meaningful connection paired with lighthearted connection. Love those random chats ha! P.S. the jeans she noticed were these:

Shop these looks:

I absolutely love that baggy jeans are a thing now. In my own humble opinion they are just SO much more comfortable than skinny jeans and they allow you to live in your denim so much more freely. I used to scour thrift stores in college looking for vintage denim so I could find baggier fits for this very reason so it is my joy and delight that they are more readily available now. Out of all the styles I’ve tried this past this year, this pair right here is the absolute best.

They are just so freaking cool with the cuff and the relaxed fit. I like that there is a bit of a nod to a wide leg, but they definitely still fall in the baggy jean category. These jeans run HUGE though – I sized down two full sizes and they fit perfectly so I’d do the same unless you’re truly going for the fall off baggy fit (I know some people like that!).

They’re made of a nice mid weight denim so they’ll worn year round and the length and the flexibility of the cuff makes them work with any shoe or shoe height – so versatile!

Right now Shopbop is having their annual sale and these jeans are a part of the sale (woot)!

I do have a runner up and they are also on sale. I don’t think it’ll surprise anyone because you saw me wear these all summer long:

Shop these looks:

These jeans are a TRUE baggy jean, they sit a little lower on the hip and they are wide all the way down so you don’t get a similar illusion of a wide leg like you do with the first pair. These are called “low slung” and I do think it depends on what size you get. I sized down and I wouldn’t necessarily call them low slung (more of a mid rise), but if you got your typical size they’d definitely be a more typical low rise jean.

These jeans are also a mid weight denim and they’d also look great with all types of shoes so again a super versatile pair of jeans. It all comes down to whether or not you want the cuff or the slightly more slim fit in the hips with the first pair or a more true baggy fit with this pair.

Both the white and light blue pair are also part of the Shopbop sale!

And finally, if both of these styles are out of your budget range, I did see my friend Paige, share a really affordable pair on Instagram that looked promising! I haven’t tried them myself, but I do really trust her for sharing things that are good and I remember seeing her recommend sizing down 👍🏼.

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