Spring 2018 Outfit 14

Spring 2018 Outfit 14 Spring 2018 Outfit 14

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to write anything, but I had an idea.

I’m in need of some positive and intentional practices in my life right now, and so I thought I would give us a bit of a self care challenge this week.

It will be a short, simple challenge every day that we can all participate in.

Based on your responses in the past, I know that you are interested in more self care content so this will be a way to work on that goal together.

SO. Today’s challenge:

Find 5 minutes today to sit and think about all of the good things that you are currently doing well. Even if it’s the tiniest thing… think about it (i.e. I’m really good at brushing my teeth, etc. etc.). For five minutes. Let that positive affirmation wash over you, and then OWN the fact that you’re really good at it.

Outfit Details:
Sweatshirt: Corinne (color no longer available, still available in navy) | More Affordable Everlane Option
Black Vintage Jeans: Vintage! | Similar vintage pair | Similar Everlane Option
Black Sneaker: Converse | Ethical Option | Everlane Option | Affordable Option
Rust Scarf: It is Well L.A. c/o (color French Rose)
Black Purse: Vintage | Similar Vintage Option
Cabby Hat: Thrifted | Similar

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