A Few Sparkly Things Before The Year Ends

Happy Holidays my sweet Friends! It’s been a bit since I signed in here to share my outfits and my thoughts with you dear readers and it’s because life has been a bit of a chaotic whirlwind these last few weeks… I’m sure many of you can relate 😉. We’ve had a lot of extra Dr. appointments and activities related to our activities and we’ve already celebrated some Christmas gatherings… and I’m officially a packing ninja.

I almost talked myself out of getting on here and writing one last post before the close of 2023 because at first it felt like one more thing on the to do list, but then I realized that I wanted to connect with you all one last time before we enter a new year.

We’ve had a fuller schedule than normal this Holiday season, but with ALL of the work that I’ve done this last year with my therapist it has felt lot more relaxed than any other year before since we had kids. My boundaries are so much more clear and my need for perfection in the way we celebrate has been greatly decreased so I’m actually entering this weekend with a good dose of excitement (and fingers crossed the kids will be over their recent bout of step throat). But I’m especially thankful for this mindset change because we’ve had some really fun events to attend with the the kids and for the kids and I haven’t been crazy yelling stressed out mommy that I’ve been in years past and for the whole families sake I’m thankful for that progress. I’m also thankful for those of you who are here with me through it all and show up faithfully (I see you). I also know so many of you are going through it too and are finding healing in your own journeys and I’m so glad we can find connection in that shared experience… it’s one of my greatest joys in life.

AND to bring a little levity to this post, I’m also just a little thankful I had an excuse to pull out some sparkly things to wear to some of these outings. I’m definitely not in a stage of life where we’re doing the full sequin glam thing (if I was, this is what I’d wear), but a little glittery accent with a pair of jeans is definitely where it’s at. So to end this style loving communities year off right I thought what better way to leave things than with a bit of glitz and glam and share the outfits I’ve been wearing lately that have that bit of extra sparkle:

Outfit Details:

Karin Emily wears a sparkly outfit with a gem studded button down, wide leg ayla jeans from Citizens of Humanity, Black sling back flats and a silver handbag with her daughter who has on a barbie pink sparkly dress with a fair isle rainbow cardigan and rhinestone studded mary jane flats while taking a mirror selfie in a bathroom mirror

Outfit Details:

Karin Emily stands in front of a double set of doors with wreaths on them on a sidewalk wearing a long black wool coat over an oversized black turtleneck sweater with a pair of full length light wash jeans and a pair of black flats with a sparkly crystal studded strap

Outfit Details:

Karin Emily stands on a sidewalk in front of a wrought iron gate wearing an oversized and relaxed white button down with a pair of folded up light wash jeans, a pair of statement and sparkly jeweled earrings, and a pair of red heels with bows on them

Outfit Details:

Outfit Details:

Karin Emily attends a party and stands in a dark living room in front of a navy blue velvet chair and mantel place wearing a red cashmere oversized sweater, light wash jeans and a pair of red Mary Jane flats

Outfit Details:

Karin Emily takes a mirror selfie in her living room of a Christmas outfit that includes a burgundy plaid button down top, wide leg black pants, platform loafers, and a pair of sparkly jeweled statement earrings

Outfit Details:

And that’s it for the year friends! I hope you have a wonderful holiday week and that you are able to be cozy with your families or chosen families. ❤️ I’ll see you in the New Year!

Until next time,


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