Florida Photo Diary + What I Wore for Our Beach Vacation

Happy Friday my friends and welcome back to my blog on this gloriously sunny day. I spent the morning with the four kids at our local lake beach and now I sit down to share some photos and outfits from my very short beach vacation to Treasure Island Florida with my twins. So… it’s safe to say that “beach” is on the brain. 😉 We spent two full days and two half days visiting my parents who were already down there, and as is typical of all of my stays in Florida we spend our time in a very relaxed fashion, beach time in the morning into the early afternoon, back to the hotel (we stayed at the Thunderbird Beach Resort) for showers and a little bit of time indoors with a book, then dinner outside somewhere and back to the beach for an evening walk. Rinse and repeat with the goal being a chance to refresh.

Day 1

Outfit Details:

Day 1 was a half day so we only had time for dinner in John’s Pass (Sculley’s and get the broiled shrimp), and a quick perusal at a souvenir shop, which just so happened to be the girls’ number 1 priority… we did manage to sneak down to the beach for a few minutes though.

Day 2

Outfit Details:

Day 2 we spent the longest amount of our time on the beach… the weather was perfection in the mid 80’s and the ocean water still felt a little cool (come July it feels a bit like bath water 😝). The girls got such a kick out of riding the waves and it was fun to watch them discovering this aspect of ocean vs. lake. After showers and a bit of a hotel rest we met up with my parents again for dinner at the Sea Breeze (Jerk Salmon with the veggies and Plantains was 10/10) and then the girls had a bit of spending money from Grandma and Grandpa which they blew in one sitting at House of Sweets in John’s Pass, although to be fair it’s a really fun candy shop with all kinds of unique candies. My parents dropped us off after that and the girls and I walked down to the beach where they had a grand old time chasing sea gulls off a guy who was passed out drunk on the beach and spilled his snack all over himself. 😬 After our good deed was done for the day (ha!) we headed back but by this time the girls had eaten through most of their giant bags of candy so they had gotten an, ahem, second wind so we ended up swimming in the pool for at least an hour. The blessings of a long day though: the girls were literally asleep in less than two minutes.

Day 3

Outfit Details:

Day 3 was a bit less full, the girls were a little tired, so they ended up wanting less beach time in the morning and we had a bit more downtime at the hotel in between, but I was totally on board. We had dinner at Crabby’s (they had gluten free buns yay! So I got the grilled mahi sandwich with chips and it was delicious) where we saw a bunch of dolphins swimming in the pass, which was so fun for the girls! Then we had ice cream at Super Scoops, a place I’ve been going since long before I had kids. After that we walked on the beach for a bit, but the girls were so exhausted that it ended up being an early night. The next day we had breakfast at Sloppy Joe’s (I had the eggs and potatoes, but the girls’ French toast looked SO good!), and then we had to leave for Tampa to catch our plane.

Beach Days

Outfit Details:

Well that’s all I have for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed this little peak into our beach vacation. I’m hearing about more and more people who are discovering Treasure Island and John’s Pass so hopefully this little mini guide will be helpful to anyone who wants to plan a visit!

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