The End of Capsule Wardrobes

I’ve had this post sitting in the notes folder on my phone for awhile now.

And I’ve been wanting to post it a lot sooner than this because, well, I can be a bit impulsive.

I’ve already changed things here at Truncation pretty much every three months since the twins were born (I think it’s safe to say that my blog has been going through it’s own version of a midlife crisis this past year).

So I sat on this post to make sure it’s really what I want to do.

And honestly?

Today, hitting that publish button felt so right.

It’s time…

time to make some changes.

The biggest?

I’m done sharing about capsule wardrobes.

I know. I just said six months ago that I wanted to go back to talking exclusively about them, and here I am saying I’m done.

But here’s the thing:

I think I needed to dive full force into them again for a bit to truly realize that I’m ready to evolve.

And I’ve never felt this to be true more than I have the last couple of months.

The weather this spring was so hard on me.

It took so long to warm up, and we had so much sickness that it got to a point where my closet was actually causing me a lot of stress.

Because I had switched to a spring capsule at the beginning of March, I felt an anticipation of warm weather that kept getting disappointed week after week. I felt like getting my winter clothes back out was a digression, but my spring clothes weren’t warm enough.

And yes, I do realize that I could have just ignored the “rules”, and gotten my sweaters back out (which I eventually did), but it was the mental head space of wanting to move on to the next capsule that stressed me out.

that plus the fact that I felt like I wasn’t being authentic by sharing two months worth of spring outfits while I was still wearing winter clothes (i.e. the pressures of blogging about my capsule wardrobe really started to wear me down).

It was the first time that I felt “trapped” by the concept. It’s always felt freeing to me, but suddenly it didn’t.

All of these feelings made me realize that I’m ready to transition to a loose year long capsule wardrobe model instead of the rigid four season model…

because ultimately I don’t want to end up with a large closet again, but I definitely don’t want to be restrained by the seasons anymore…

which brings me back to you guys.

I realize I’ve been extremely inconsistent this past year. And if you are still following along I am so SO thankful for you.

but I’ve been feeling, the last couple of months, that I’ve said all I need to say about capsule wardrobes.

I’m ready to branch out.

So what does this mean?

Well first of all, I’m going to take a week or two off to do some back end work on the actual Truncation website.

Then starting in mid June I’ll be embracing the whole “lifestyle” blogging thing.

Fashion will still be a major focus, especially in regards to ethical fashion, thrifting, and sewing, but I’ll be branching out as well into some other fun, new topics.

I’m pretty excited.

So I guess you could say I’ll still be showing you my capsule, but in a much less formal way.

I’ll elaborate more when I’m back online in June.

Like I said before, I TRULY appreciate your support. It’s been a rough year and a half, and you guys have stuck through it all with me.

It’s such a weird thing to feel so supported by a group of people I’ve never actually met, but I really do.

And if you have any topics that you’ve been dying for me to talk about, please let me know what they are in the comments!

Until next time,


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  1. 6.1.18

    I feel like me and you are on similar paths for completely different reasons. I am excited to see what you venture into in the coming months, and will always be a fan! Have a lovely and refreshing break!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thank you Erin! It’s been fun to journey on this blogging path together. 🙂

  2. 6.1.18
    Lexie said:

    Good for you! I hope this new way is refreshing for you. I look forward to reading and pictures. I need a new direction but I am not certain where to go. And I totally understand ‘the mental head space’ … it’s hard. What do I do for myself and what do I do for others.

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thank you Lexie! I appreciate your support! Good luck figuring out your own direction!

  3. 6.1.18
    Bev said:

    I’m super excited to see what your new “lifestyle” blog will be about! It’s been fun getting peeks at your sewing projects I’m Insta, and I’d love to see more of them on the blog too. Enjoy your break 🙂

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thanks Bev! I’m excited to branch out as well.

  4. 6.1.18
    Laura said:

    Beautiful! I just discovered your blog; I have twin babies; and I’m just starting the capsule wardrobe!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Welcome fellow twin mom! 🙂 Glad to have you here!

  5. 6.1.18

    I love seeing where life takes you…and I think that anything that keeps you from feeling “trapped” is going to be good! I hope you have a wonderful break!

  6. 6.1.18
    Tracey said:

    It’s been great so far following along with you, style and family both! Enjoy your time “off” and I look forward to whatever direction you move into!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thank you Tracey! I appreciate your support!

  7. 6.1.18
    Sarah said:

    Love this, Karin. I so appreciate your honesty, willingness to be authentic about you and your blog, and really following along as you figure it all out. I have always really kept a year round wardrobe because TN weather is ridiculous and I never had that many clothes and they all just.. worked together seamlessly. So I’m with you on that big time! As far as future stuff I’d like to hear about? Definitely enjoying the sewing venture, love hearing mom advice and hacks you learn, and the fsvroite products you come across are also fun! My feed has all sorts of fashion, especially ethical, that it’s nice to have someone share a variety of things! I’m hanging in there with you, enjoying the journey!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your support so much. I will definitely be sharing about all of those things you mentioned!

  8. 6.1.18

    This makes so much sense, Karin! I really think you hit on something big when you brought up how disappointing it is to move to a new capsule when the weather just isn’t there yet. That three month deadline isn’t how the seasons work here either, and I had the same experience when I pulled out my spring items too early this year. Hearing you loud and clear. Listen to your gut! <3

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thank you Amy! It would be nice if the weather cooperated with our desires, but… 🙂 I feel in my gut that this is a good decision and I’m excited for a new chapter!

  9. 6.1.18
    Shannon said:

    I found your website a few weeks ago and I feel like I’ve known you forever. Weird, lol!
    I’m in montreal and I find the unpredictable weather a huge hindrance to a successful capsule wardrobe.
    I like your honesty, your straightforwardness, and your style is awesome! You seem to take things in stride and I can get behind that. Looking forward to following you along on your journey!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Haha! That’s a good thing I hope? 😉 So glad you stopped by Shannon!

  10. 6.1.18
    Carme said:

    Literally took all the words right out of my mouth. I have ALL the same feels and too will be taking a break from my capsule for the summer. I like how you talk about evolving into your style. I feel that’s my greatest takeaway from experiencing a capsule wardrobe.

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Me too Carme! I’ve learned so much from capsule wardrobes and I’m so grateful for those lessons.

  11. 6.1.18
    Peggy said:

    You the best! I will always read your blog!!

  12. 6.1.18

    I agree! I was so excited about my capsule wardrobe for April 1, and I think it was a good and well-thought-out one and by May 1, I was DONE. I’m currently focusing on what works after 3 babies in 22 months and going from there.

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      All bets are off post partum in my opinion!

  13. 6.2.18
    Melina said:

    I think the reason I’ve never been able to stick to one capsule for three months is the weather. It’s just so unpredictable where I live (Sweden). I’ve been doing year long capsule wardrobe where I basically switch out chunky sweaters for tank tops when the weather allows.
    I’m excited about this new chapter for truncation! And for suggested topics I’d like to read about how you parent as an INFJ (without going insane). Have a good break!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      That’s a great topic idea! I’ll add it to my calendar 😉

  14. 6.2.18
    Meg said:

    I love your blog (I dig your writing, voice, and perspective on things), and I love that you’re willing to change its concept up when you can sense it’s not working for you. Some life stress is necessary, but the stuff that isn’t? Sooooo great to get rid of that ASAP.

    I myself am striving for a lean, year-long closet, with just pieces I love. I used to change stuff around seasonally (when I was in a big Midwest townhouse, with the big sweater totes and awesome storage space) and LOVED doing so, but my little city apartment out east literally doesn’t have room for extra clothes storage. Or extra any storage. Lol. Plus, the weather is getting battier each year. So…year-round, it is!

    One thing I kept when downsizing my stuff was my sewing machine, and I am SUPER hankering to get it out again and try some simple summer patterns. Your sewing adventures are inspiring me!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thank you so much for the support… it means so much to me! And yes!! You should definitely get to sewing. 😉 It’s so much fun!

  15. 6.2.18
    Amanda said:

    Looking forward to the new direction of you blog! I have always loved the IDEA of capsule wardrobes and was on and off working toward the perfect fall/winter and spring/summer wardrobes as finances allowed, but as it turns out, that’s just too rigid for me. I much prefer the idea of a smaller wardrobe filled with beautifu garments that can work throughout the seasons and can be reworked throughout the years.

    • 6.7.18
      Lynne said:

      Hi Karin, I couldn’t sleep last night and was browsing functional capsule wardrobes, as I live on a farm and well…I need work clothes that can be grubby, but then casual clothes for around the house or lounging at night. I have found myself wearing three sets of clothes during one day. So frustrating. I am trying to get away from constant yoga pants and move toward something more me, more casual, but stylish. I like the tone of your blog. I like that you are a busy mom and also need stylish casual clothes, but also the idea of the yearlong capsule wardrobe.

      I have wool clothes that I out away in summer, and I have winter work clothes. But my daily clothes are wearing out. I am using Karen Templar’s summer of basics make along as inspiration. I recently made a pair of linen drawstring pants. A pajama bottom pattern, but darn if they do not look really good! Wide-legged, swingy and comfortable. I think it is a viscose linen blend as it does not wrinkle so much. First time out was yesterday – worn with Breton style mariniere shirt and slip on black sandals. I felt comfy all day, but stylish. Exactly what I wanted.

      So I am hoping to take that basic concept and broaden it out into a wardrobe of layers that can span seasons. I may find some lightweight black wool and make a winter pair though. So… I may still end up with winter bottoms and shirts that span the seasons, with sweaters and layers. BUT, that I can live with.

      Colette has a lovely wide legged pant with a flat waist band that I think would be a more fitted and elegant version long term. But taking baby steps here!

      I want to learn to sew my own clothes, from patterns I find that suit my body, so that I can skip the shopping hassles. I will always shop a little, but I am hoping to make the majority of my clothes.

      Anyway. so I am looking forward to you coming back in June, as you have more experience with this capsule idea, and are leaningin a direction I too lean… yearlong vs seasonal. I tend to think of my wardrobe as minimalistic, not so much a capsule, I have trouble with that capsule idea for some reason. But I tend to like my wardrobe to be streamlined, classic, focus on the basics and keep it simple.

      I love Amanda’s words above… a “smaller wardrobe filled with beautiful garments that can work throughout the seasons” and for me, classic enough to last.

      • 6.11.18
        Karin said:

        Love this so much! I too am wanting to move in a direction of sewing more of my wardrobe, and I love Karen Templar!

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      I agree with you… and that’s exactly where I’m headed with my closet!

  16. 6.9.18

    I love this idea! Where I live the weather doesn’t change much over the year. Some winters are cold and the last couple summers were hot for more than a month. Seasonal capsules don’t make sense for me. So I have winter and summer add ons but that’s it.
    I try to seek out and read blogs with a yearly simple/smaller wardrobe but it’s hard when everyone is doing seasonal capsules. I’ve enjoyed your journey because of it’s authenticity.

    • 6.11.18
      Karin said:

      Thank you Gwyn! I’m excited to start working with a year long capsule. It just makes sense to me right now!

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