Stripes on Stripes on Stripes – My top 10 Fave Striped Tops


You guys know than I am… A fan of stripes. In fact, dare I say… I am stripes biggest fan? Maybe that’s presumptuous, but I am quite the lover of a good stripe. They are just so perfectly classic but never in a stuffy way, and they always look good. And plus you can find them in so many varying widths, colors, and styles that you’ll really never get bored. With that said, because they are such a classic, I’m a bit fussy about the type of stripes that I allow into my closet. I want them to be good if you know what I mean, like the kind of stripes that I’ll have forever… which means the perfect type of stripe… Which I can’t really explain. I just know it when I see it. So today I thought I would share with you all of the striped tops that I have collected over the years that are my absolute essentials. These are the ones that I’ve had, that I’ve worn, that I’ve come to love. My best friends if you will, and now they can become your best friends too.

Karin Emily takes a mirror selfie wearing a striped long sleeve tee and cream colored denim shorts with a Hereu basket bag
  1. | the Owen T-Shirt (M) – 3/4 sleeve, slim, but not too slim, the perfect cool girl for with a classically slim stripe.

2. | the High Neck Cutaway Tank (S) a staple for summer with a goes with anything stripe.

3. | the Chloe Crewneck (S) – the perfect wide stripe pattern in a more modern body fit… plus the softest cotton.

4. | the Marco (M) – the perfect way to mix things up with a bold and wide stripe and textured cotton

5. | the Modern Breton (S) – nice and thick, a fun twist with navy and cream, and a flattering dropped shoulder seam.

6. | the Yuna Sweatshirt (M) – the coziest stripes I own and a great option when I’m really going for comfort.

7. | the Vivi Tee (S) – an ode to the 90’s with a fun babydoll fit in an overly classic black and white stripe

8. | the Lakeside (M) – a more vibrant option in a pretty boatneck neckline.

9. & 10. | the Striped Lobster (S) and the ribbed bikini (S) – both newer additions, but both filling a nice hole in my wardrobe. A striped bikini is always a classic and a navy stripe with a red splash is perfect for all of my summer Holiday activities proving that sometimes a little niche wear isn’t a bad thing.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed geeking out over stripes just as much as I did today. Have the best summer weekend with lots of time spent outdoors.

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