Sezane and Madewell Haul: What Worked and What Didn’t

The clothing in this post was gifted to me by Sezane and Madewell as part of my ongoing work in their affiliate programs. Thank you for supporting these kinds of posts… it truly means the world to me! And thanks to Madewell and Sezane for making this post possible!


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Sizing notes: dress – small, shoes – tts, bag is old from Dragon Diffusion (I believe it was called the Cannage Max Tote), Sunnies are old prescription from Eye Buy Direct

do you guys know I can’t resist a white linen dress… It’s just my go to, tried, and true, can’t go wrong, end all be all outfit formula for summer. So much so that in recent times, I’ve tried to avoid purchasing them simply because they’ve started to become a little bit redundant in my wardrobe , but… When I saw that Madewell had released this version I kind of knew I had to have it. I just love the more streamlined take on the white linen dress. Usually they are a little bit more floaty, a little bit more romantic, just a little bit more not this. I love that this is more of a slip dress style, but in a more slim fit. It reads a bit more casual, but I can definitely be dressed up if you want it to be, which makes it really versatile item to have in your summer wardrobe. Obviously here I dressed it down with these brown sandals and a brown bag but you could just as easily add a pair of strappy heels and a little clutch and you’ve got an amazing summer evening outfit. This dress is a 10/10 for me. I got my true size and I was a little nervous it was going to be too tight, but it actually fits perfectly. Stunning little white dress!

The shoes I’m more on the fence about. The fit is great, and they’re super comfortable. And I actually really love the design… I love that it’s a strappy sandal, but in a chunkier version. In fact it wasn’t until after I’d worn them that I got a little unsure about them. My issue with them is the color. I actually got them specifically because I have been wanting a pair of shoes that would match this bag and I thought these sandals were it. But after I got them out in full light, I realized that these sandals have a little bit of a plum tone to them. It’s really slight, but it’s noticeable enough that they really don’t match the bag. Now I know I’m being super picky, but I’m actually TRYING to be a lot more picky these days… which I’m actually going to talk more about in a blog post next week. So now I’m just trying to decide if I keep them even though they’re a slightly different color than the bag or if I hand them off to a friend and keep looking for something that’s a little bit more of a true brown tone. But if you are looking for a pair of brown sandals, and you’re not trying to match them to a bag exactly these are actually a really great pair of sandals, and like I said the fit, the comfort, style it’s all there. I’m just a crazy lady. 😜


Tank – small, Shorts – 4, Sandals – TTS

all right, so unfortunately, this month’s Sezane picks did not work out as well as I had hoped, but let’s start with the good. This tank… yes, it’s a basic tank, but in my opinion wardrobes are built off of basic pieces of clothing so when you find good ones you rejoice. 😆 I’ve had other Sezane basics, and I have really loved them. This one is no different. It’s made out of the same thicker material, it lays beautifully, and it holds up in the washing machine. Plus you really can’t go wrong with the classic stripe. I stayed true to size.

Now for the not so good. I really wanted to love these shorts… in fact, I’ve seen them on so many other people, and I’ve loved how they’ve looked on them. But on me? I don’t know… They’re just not quite right I think that the belt in combination with the pleating, is just too much detail for me. I’m rather minimalistic in the detail I preferred on my clothing, and these just feel a little too fussy for me. The belt also feels like some thing I would not wear, and I thought about swapping it out for another belt, but then I felt like I could just do that with another pair of my shorts. In terms of quality they’re beautiful. The fabric is nice and structured… they sat in a laundry basket for a couple of weeks while I thought about whether or not to keep them, and when I pulled them out they were barely wrinkled. So if you are into the style you really can’t go wrong in that department. They do come in a bunch of different colors, and I find that they do run true to size.

Finally, the sandals. Again, my complaint really has nothing to do with the actual sandal. They’re a really beautiful pair of sandals: well-made, comfortable, the sole feels really substantial. I’m just really not sure that gold is the right color for me. To be honest I’m not really sure what I was thinking when I picked it out. 😂 I think I had a moment where I felt like it would be fun to have some thing a little bit different in my wardrobe, but who am I kidding? I’m not going to wear a pair of gold sandals. They do come in brown and the brown looks really beautiful, but I have something so similar that I just can’t justify getting them. Overall I definitely would recommend them if you are someone who could rock a pair of gold sandals or are looking for a really classic pair of brown sandals. I got them in my true size and they definitely run true to size.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I hope you enjoyed these Madewell and Sezane goodies, and I hope you have an amazing weekend (hopefully a long weekend if you’re in the US like me)! I’ll see you next week.

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  1. 7.2.23

    Lol- “I’m just a crazy lady”😂 cracked me up- but you’re honest and basic !
    The gold sandal actually looks great in photo w shorts- more bronze – looking? But I say the same thing- what the heck? I’m not gonna wear gold sandals- but I do have some gold haviana flip- flops – low key and neutralish. Enjoy your weekend!

    • 7.7.23
      Karin said:

      😂 I just needed to have an honest conversation with myself!

  2. 9.6.23

    Great insights! Loved hearing about your Sezane and Madewell finds, and how certain pieces worked (or didn’t) for you.

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