J. Crew Ella Long Blazer Review: thoughts + how to style

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Happy Monday friends! We’re coming off of a very busy weekend so I’m entering this week feeling a bit frazzled… but! The good news is that was the last busy weekend we’ll have in a while and I am looking forward to a season of chill… especially as we’re entering warmer months. Well at least, hopefully we’ll be entering warmer months! It’s been a bit chillier here again, and today I was feeling even more like being cozy and snuggly so I grabbed my Ella long blazer from J. Crew. I wanted to do a quick review for you guys because it’s one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and I thought it deserved a little extra “love” here on my blog + it’s 25% off right now! I have the color heather dark camel in a size XS. It does run big so I definitely recommend sizing down. It’s made of a merino wool blend and it’s super soft with a really fine knit that still has a lot of weight to it… it drapes so nicely! I love the more modern oversized fit with the drop shoulder and boxier fit. But at the same time the lapels aren’t over the top so there’s a nice balance to the shape. I’m 5’5″ and it hits me mid calf so it does have some length to it, but it’s not SO long like a lot of other trendy styles right now (I feel like I’m too short to pull off the super long trend so I appreciate this length!). It has two really deep pockets at the side so you can fit all the things, and the color is a beautiful warm, rich camel. The quality on the blazer is really good and I’ve had no issues with snagging or holes.

My favorite way to style it is over a tank top or tee and with jeans. It’s great with any type of shoe honestly, but I especially love it with a more casual shoe. It’s also a great piece to throw on over leggings and a sweatshirt. It has the ability to make an outfit look instantly more chic.

see it dressed up in this date night styling post

Overall I highly recommend! It’s perfect for spring or summer here in the Midwest, but it’d be a perfect year round piece for anyone in a warmer climate.

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