Winter 10×10 Day Five: How I Really Feel about Everlane

Winter 10x10 Day Seven Winter 10x10 Day Seven

Okay so let’s chat about how I really feel about Everlane for a second.

I obviously share a lot of Everlane clothing here at Truncation, and for good reason.

I love the aesthetic… and the affordable price tags.

But can I be honest with you? I haven’t been totally satisfied with every piece that I’ve bought from them.

It’s actually kind of been hit or miss for me.

For example: I have three pieces from Everlane on in this outfit. Out of these three pieces I really like one piece, I’m unsure about another, and I’m not so into the third.

Let’s break it down.

I love the red striped tee. It’s just a basic tee, but the color of the red is just unique enough to make it stand out. Plus I love that the fit isn’t overly slouchy.

I’m unsure about the denim. I won’t say much here because I’ve talked about it before.

And I’m not so into this sweatshirt. It’s a nice sweatshirt, don’t get me wrong… but there’s nothing that special about it and it’s not overly soft. Maybe if I wore it in a bit more it would get that really nice lived in feel? I’m not sure. I think after this capsule I’m going to relegate it to the workout drawer.

What do you guys think? Have you loved everything you’ve tried?

It’s one of those brands that gets a lot of hype so I wanted to share my real thoughts with you guys… which can basically be summed up as: I like them, but they’re not perfect.

I want you to always know that I’m being genuine with you, and part of that is sharing the good and the bad… right?

Outfit Details:

Striped Tee: Everlane 

Pullover Sweatshirt: Everlane

Boyfriend Denim: Everlane

Neutral Sneakers: Converse | Ethical Option

Backpack: Old from Marshalls | Similar Ethical

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  1. 1.25.18
    Jaime said:

    Thank you so much for this post!!! I have just been browsing Everlane thinking about buying a few things for my spring capsule (I realize it’s winter but I’m so tired of sweaters) and wondering about the quality and fit. It’s so helpful to hear what someone really thinks, rather than just the hype.

    • 1.29.18
      Karin said:

      You’re welcome Jaime! I’ve tried a lot of their stuff so if you have questions about specific pieces let me know!

  2. 1.25.18
    Leah said:

    I love Everlane cashmere, vnecks, their new winter parkas, and unecks. I don’t love their linen, shoes, or denim. It’s hit or miss for me, but their basics are things I wear daily.

    • 1.29.18
      Karin said:

      I have heard really good things about the sweaters, but I can’t wear wool so I can’t wear any of them (with the exception of their cropped v-neck cotton sweaters which I do love). I have a v-neck , but I’m not happy with how it’s aged (I have the white one and it’s turned kind of gray) and the u neck was a good quality, but not right on my body type. I think what I’ve learned is that they do have great things, but they aren’t one of those brands who does EVERYTHING right (like the hype seems to say they do).

  3. 1.25.18
    Marisa said:

    Hey Karin – great post. I feel the same way. I kind of freaked out when I first found Everlane. It felt like the first place where I could find all the basics I thought I needed in one place at ‘affordable’ prices. Love their cashmere but haven’t found the t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts (cotton and linen) to age very well. I will buy their sweaters again but I don’t have the same excitement about “everything they do” that I once did.

    • 1.29.18
      Karin said:

      Yup! I feel exactly the same way. They are still a great brand, but they are far from perfect!

  4. 1.25.18
    Susan Fahning said:

    This is why I so strugle buying on line. My recent purchases have been thrifted, Spoils of Wear, with some Gramacci pants for work. I’m trying to buy local whenever possible.

    • 1.29.18
      Karin said:

      It really is hard to buy online, but this is one of the many reasons I appreciate the personal nature of eBay and Poshmark. I never purchase anything without checking with the sellers on measurements (especially pants/jeans!).

  5. 1.26.18

    Yup, I feel the same way about Everlane! Sometimes I also get annoyed about how they market themselves as the #1 leaders of transparency and ethics when they could definitely improve their sustainability and use more ethical fibers.

    • 1.29.18
      Karin said:

      They’re definitely the most hyped! But I agree that it’s a stretch to say they are #1.

  6. 1.26.18
    Cassi said:

    I have a few everlane tees and they’re fine – nothing special. I really like my BF denim and I’m thinking about getting another pair or trying levis waterless. Honestly though, I agree that everlane is a little overrated. I’m looking for some other eco-friendly brands that are similarly priced. Any ideas?

    • 1.29.18
      Karin said:

      Honestly? I can’t think of any. They really do hold the market in that area. You’ll have to let me know if you try the Levis Waterless because I’ve been curious about those, but I’m nervous about the comfort of them.

  7. 1.29.18

    This is how I feel about Pact Organics. I have a black V-neck shirt that I love from them, but I have a grey V-neck (identical to the black, just different color) that I do not like that much. It is not as structured as the black one. Not really sure why there is such a difference, but there is. I do not expect to like everything I try from one brand, but it sure would make things simpler if I did! haha.

    • 1.29.18
      Karin said:

      I haven’t tried anything by them yet for that exact reason! I’ve heard such mixed reviews online that I’m nervous to spend money on something that may or may not work.

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