Finding Lasting Peace

Finding Lasting Peace Finding Lasting Peace Finding Lasting Peace Finding Lasting Peace Finding Lasting Peace Finding Lasting PeaceFinding Lasting Peace

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about consumption.

No, not necessarily food consumption, although that has been on my mind after all of the holiday feasts. #christmascoma

What I HAVE been questioning lately is why we allow ourselves to get sucked into the endless cycle of consumption.

Consumption of clothing, consumption of media, consumption of beauty products… you know what I’m talking about.

I think most of us feel deep down that it’s not healthy to endlessly consume, but yet we still do.

So why?

Because we can.

I honestly think it’s that simple.

No one is stopping us and so we… just do.

But even more, we’re encouraged to keep consuming which pushes us towards what we are already naturally inclined to do.

At some point we have to just say enough is enough.

We have to make a choice to stop blindly consuming.

Again, I think it’s that simple.

WE have the power to either consume or to not consume.

I’m NOT saying that all spending is innately wrong.

But when it gets to a point where we consume only because we can, without any thought to who our spending affects (more on this in a future blog post), we have to make a change.

I know I’m getting sick of it. I want 2016 to be a year of peace.

And there is no peace in the endless cycle of consumption.

It won’t bring you lasting peace… it won’t bring me lasting peace. It will only bring temporary fulfillment.

So I plan on fighting back this year. I plan on working on saying “no” more often and “yes” to lasting peace.

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  1. 1.8.16
    Madelaine said:

    We need peace so badly in this world we live in. I believe in moderation in everything I do. Great post.

  2. 1.8.16
    Terri said:

    this entire world needs peace that you are talking about in this post, the world is so un-peaceful

  3. 1.8.16
    Chrissy said:

    It’s funny you write about this today, when the mister and I just had a talk about this last night, as I stated that I wanted us to cut back and stop consuming so much. I feel we buy so many things we don’t necessarily need. I want that to stop and the best thing is, he totally agreed! great Post, thank you!

  4. 1.8.16

    I love the detailing of the scarf on your purse.
    Consumption, what an interesting thought provoking post.

  5. 1.8.16
    Christen said:

    Great post, Karin. I chose the word “discipline” as my word for the year. Saying no to what I want now to what I want most. Such a hard thing for me.

  6. 1.8.16
    andrea said:

    maybe we all need to be simplifying our lives – physical and spiritual – this year…

  7. 1.9.16
    Maria said:

    Hmmm… Amen. My daughter read from Haggai today and she told me how it says that the people were busy spending, building, and farming their own STUFF and God called them a “dismal failure” (her paraphrase) because they had neglected to rebuild the temple, as He instructed them. I think you’re on to something; are we so caught up in consuming we haven’t seen past the doohickey in front of us to bless someone else?

  8. 1.10.16
    Brianna said:

    yes. spot on. May we say no to good things so we can say yes to more God things. 🙂

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