Cold Weather Outfit Idea: A Warm Sweater and a Pair of Overalls

Happy Wednesday friends! I know I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately, but we’ve been busy with traveling for the Holidays and doing otherwise festive activities so my attention has just been elsewhere. I just love the coziness this time of year brings, and it’s so much fun to make memories with my family! This weekend we plan to bake cookies and take a drive to see the lights… nothing over the top or crazy, but special nonetheless. When this time of year rolls around, I love hunkering down in warm, soft and comfy layers – and there’s nothing better than a sweater and overall situation if you’re looking for a cold weather outfit idea (in my humble opinion of course).

I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of overalls for several years now… not too loose in the legs, but not too skinny either in the perfect mid wash blue. I’m happy to report I finally found them!

Thanks to Free Assembly and Walmart for sponsoring this postFree Assembly is Walmart’s more sustainably made line that is Leed Certified, uses mostly organic cotton, and is made with low water impact. Free Assembly has been a go to for me for awhile now as a more sustainable option at an affordable price point!

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I’m very excited to find these overalls you guys! And at such a good price point. The wash is a perfect mid blue and I like that they hit a bit more full length. I’ve talked a lot about how I don’t love a full length jean, but when it comes to these overalls I actually prefer it for the flexibility… because of the slouchier fit they look really cute cuffed when I’m in the mood for a more cropped fit. And these are the perfect in between of being slightly relaxed, but not skinny. I got a size small and they fit really well. They also come in a really nice black wash as well if that’s more your thing!

And this sweater is a really great, affordable option for those wanting to try out the statement sleeve trend, or for really anyone that wants a neutral sweater in their rotation. The fabric does feel a little stiff right out of the gate, but it loosens up as you wear it so just a note on that. I love the way this feels like a neutral, but makes a statement with the balloon sleeve… the best of both worlds! I got a size small, but if you have a longer torso you may want to size up as it is a bit cropped. It comes in 3 other colors, including a sage green that would be really pretty for the Holidays!

Well that’s all I’ve got for you guys! I hope you are as excited about my overall find as I am ha! Do you love overalls or is it a pass for you?

Well I’ve been sitting in front of the Christmas tree eating popcorn while I type this and my popcorn has run out so that’s my sign to log off for the night!

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