Birdies Goldfinch Review – How I Feel after a Month of Wear

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Birdies Goldfinch Flats (Gifted. Use code KARINEMILYBLOG_Birdies to save 12%) | Dress (S) | Bag | Sunglasses

Happy Wednesday dear friends! Our day started out stormy and gray so we’ve been a cozy, lazy bunch over here today and honestly I’m on board… yesterday was a whirlwind of back to school shopping and it wore me out! It was fun to see the kids excitement build though so I’ll just take a nap today to recover. 😆

But before I nap (and conveniently turn on You vs. Wild and watch the children flock to it like moths to a light), I have a review for you guys that, quite frankly I’m pretty excited to share with you guys. About a month ago Birdies sent me their Goldfinch flats to try out and I’ve been (not so secretly) testing them out for you guys so I could give you a review that’s not just a first impressions… because when it comes to shoes, that’s really not always that helpful right?

Well the reason I’m so excited to share them with you today is that after a month of use, I can confidently tell you they are the most comfortable pair of flats I’ve ever owned. My sister used to live in NYC and if she still did and I were going on a trip tomorrow to visit her I’d bring these as my fancy walking shoes (says the midwesterner 😂). They have a padded, supportive footbed and the point is wide enough that there is zero toe pinching. I hesitate to even type this because it’s going to sound like an exaggeration, but… these are comfier than all of my more casual sneakers. No lie, no exaggeration.

They also have a non slip rubber sole that is, in fact, non slip. I never felt like I was unsteady walking in them, and I even walked in a drizzly rain in them once. I love the woven leather look of these (they also come in a beautiful brown color)… it’s reminiscent of flats that are at much, much higher price points, but I think the pointed toe is so timeless and makes them versatile as a casual and dressy shoe. But if woven isn’t your thing they come in 5 core colors and 6 other limited edition colors… something for everyone!

I find they run true to size. Sometimes with pointed toe I’ll size up, but it’s not necessary with these.

Have you tried out Birdies? This is my second pair from the woman owned brand, and I really love the quality and craftsmanship they make their shoes with plus the designs and comfort really are the cherry on top!

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