Modern Basics Capsule Wardrobe – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020

Modern Basics Capsule Wardrobe featuring all pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hey there friends! Happy Wednesday.

Just a quick pop in today to present you with my promised modern take on a basics only capsule wardrobe featuring all pieces you can pick up via the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Like I said in my last Nordstrom post, sales are a great time to pick up quality pieces at a discounted price (read: not a good time to pick up junky stuff just because it’s cheap), but for a lot of people it’s difficult to know where to start when deciding to be more intentional about selecting “long haul” pieces for your wardrobe.

That’s where this post comes in.

I selected 12 basics that would be the perfect foundation to almost any wardrobe. These pieces are cooler weather specific (although not necessarily exclusive to cold climates), but the overall concept remains the same… just swap out a sweater with a cami, a pair of boots with sandals, etc.

With these 12 pieces you can create a vast array of outfits, but I’ve selected 20 combinations that I’ll list below the capsule.

Okay let’s get to it!

Here is my modern take on a 12 piece basics capsule wardrobe:

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Outfit Combination Ideas:

1 || white button down, blue denim, sneakers
2 || sweater, white denim, nude flats
3 || turtleneck, blue denim, black boots, trench
4 || white tee, white denim, sneakers, trench
5 || little black dress, black boots
6 || white tee, black pants, nude flats
7 || turtleneck, white denim, black boots
8 || little black dress, white sneakers, trench
9 || sweater, blue denim, sneakers
10 || sweater, black pants, nude flats
11 || turtleneck, black pants, sneakers
12 || white tee, blue denim, nude flats
13 || sweater, little black dress, nude flats
14 || white button down, black pants, black boots
15 || white button down, white denim, nude flats, trench
16 || sweater, blue denim, black boots
17 || sweater, black pants, sneakers, trench
18 || turtleneck, sweater, blue denim, sneakers
19 || white tee, black pants, sweater, sneakers, trench
20 || white tee, blue denim, sneakers

So there you have it! My take on a modern basics capsule wardrobe with a few outfit ideas to get you started. I hope this was helpful? Are there any other pieces you would include in a basics capsule wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below!

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