Straight Leg Pants: 3 Ways to Style them for Real Life

Hi friends! How’s everyone doing today? I’ve got a fun straight leg pants styling post today, but first:

I’m writing this on Wednesday, and TOMORROW I’ll be getting my first Covid vaccine! (please don’t argue about this in the comments, I’m very pro vaccine, but I respect anyone who disagrees). I didn’t think we’d be able to get one until closer to June because both David and I work from home, but something came up and we were able to get appointments. I cried when I found out! It just feels like the first step to getting back to normal.

It also gives me a little sigh of relief because my little sister’s wedding is in May so I’ll breathe easier knowing we have the vaccine.

ANYWAY, I’m very excited about it. It’s okay if you’re not, but I am!

SO should we get back to straight leg pants now? Ha!

I really love doing these “1 thing 3 ways” types of posts because it’s fun to really put my closet to work and figure out multiple ways of styling my favorite pieces…

and these straight leg crops are one of my all time faves. The fit is just so good and they’re really comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. I also think the crop is just right (I’m 5’5″ for reference and I have them in the regular inseam). I love the idea of full length pants, but I think I’m just too short to make most of them work. I personally prefer a pair of pants like this with a little crop to them. And finally, I love the pocket details on them as well. Sometimes the deep slash pockets on the front of pants can tend to stick out to the side, but I don’t find that to be the case with these, and I think the deep back pockets are a fun touch. And if anyone is wondering, I got them in my true size and the color is Sandstone.

So yes… now that I’ve waxed on about these pants, let’s get to the styling.

Oh and one last note: all of these examples have a neutral color palette because that’s what I prefer, but you could swap out any of these pieces for the same silhouette in a bright color. The pants themselves are neutral so it’s easy to style them with bright OR with neutral colors.

Okay. Let’s get to it:


Shop the Look:

Sizing notes: Tank and mules runs true to size. Also, I linked a more affordable option for the bag.

This is a really simple look with a basic tank, mules, and basket bag. I think what makes this outfit look more than just basic is the cuts of those individual pieces. First, the neckline of the tank is such a pretty scoop neck, and the ribbing adds that extra touch. Second, the square toe of the mules gives a very modern aspect to this outfit (and also the BIG basket bag lends a more modern look)… so it’s a very classic look, but it’s also a trendy and current look. I like to refresh basics every few years or so for this very reason… because the cut of something can make your look dated or current. This doesn’t mean you need to replace every basic you own, but 1-2 new basics in an updated cut can go a long way in your wardrobe.

Shop the Look:

Sizing notes: the Blazer runs large so I sized down.

This is a bonus look, but I wanted to show you guys an easy way to dress up the first look up for a date night, the office, etc. Adding the oversized blazer really elevates the whole silhouette and it’s such an easy addition.


everlane straight leg crop pants, straight leg pants, khaki pants, sweater tank, nisolo ecuador huarache sandals, brown saddle bag
everlane straight leg crop pants, straight leg pants, khaki pants, sweater tank, nisolo ecuador huarache sandals, brown saddle bag

Shop the Look:

Sizing notes: tank and shoes run true to size.

This is another easy outfit modeled after the formula of the first outfit, but swapping out a basic tank for the sweater tank, and the mules for huarache sandals gives this outfit a very chic summer feel that I love. This would be the perfect outfit for either a day at the zoo (or enter other kid friendly activity here) with my kids OR a lunch date with a friend. It’s the perfect mix of casual dressy while still being super comfortable. I also love that the warm browns from the purse and shoes really warm up the whole look.


Shop the Look:

Sizing notes: I sized up a size in the shirt for a more relaxed fit. Shoes run true to size, and do need a bit of breaking in but they’re very comfortable now.

This, to me, is a super classic look that you could wear at any point in fashion… at any age, and you’ll look instantly chic. There’s just nothing better than a white button down… it adds the perfect element to any outfit in my opinion. I also love how the flip flops make the overall effect more casual so it’s the perfect balance between elevated and realistic. This is the kind of outfit I reach for when I don’t know what else to wear.

Okay! That’s all I’ve got for you guys. I hope you enjoyed this straight leg pants styling post. I honestly find pants to be more comfortable than jeans a lot of the time, and I want to get better at wearing them for everyday. What about you? Do you wear pants regularly or do you default to jeans and leggings? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,


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  1. 4.22.21
    Tulsi said:

    OMG OMG Karin! I just recently bought similar pants from Gap- here’s hoping they look as incredible on me as they do on you. I need to do a styling session to replicate these!


    • 4.23.21
      Karin said:

      So fun!! Great timing. ?

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